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[#] Sun Jul 18 2021 07:44:22 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

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Actually, I think this gives me a deeper understanding of you. I tend to think of your POLITICAL ideologies in secular terms - separate from your spiritual beliefs and foundations. This is in part because your political ideologies are rooted in very secular, even atheist, belief systems. That is - most of the people who identify with Libertarian values are atheist or at the very least very secular. It is not a highly spiritual community in general. 

You may have heard me refer to my grandmother-in-law and her spirituality as a Christian. The thing I note about her was that her faith in the Will of God was so unshakeable - her "obedience" to His plan so complete - that I very rarely saw her express sorrow or frustration about situations. I mean, sometimes she expressed concern or uncertainty - but she was great about letting go and not being consumed, and also with not trying to fight an outcome that wasn't what SHE would want. That didn't mean she just gave in if something wasn't going her way - but if something DIDN'T go her way, she seemed content to accept that it was GOD's way. Her faith was very unshakeable. 

I'm seeing your outlook kind of through the same perspective after this explanation. Your spiritual values insist that you look at things through an optimists view. This is actually the message of the story/movie "Life of Pi," if you have the wisdom to decipher it. 

This is probably also contrasted with TheDave - who tends to express things in a far more secular, pessimistic view with more of a drive/desire to disrupt and correct BIG social things through his own will. 

I'm not saying one approach or the other is superior or inferior. Just observations of how my perception affects all of our interactions. 

Sat Jul 17 2021 21:08:30 MST from Wangiss <>

I think you overestimate my global optimism pretty regularly. Probably because I'm a happy person and expect things to go well for _Me In Particular_. But you have to remember I'm a relatively literal reader of the Bible.

Before Adam even died, the world had fallen into global degeneracy. Enoch had to restart civilization once even in the first thousand years of the Abrahamic history of mankind. And they achieved a functionally ideal society. And the people around them hated them and when they left the entire world devolved into barbarians again. And we do this at least once every thousand years on each continent.

It's been a good run. We brought back the social technologies of the Greeks and hybridized it with the Dutch experiments on republicanism. We abolished the divine right of kings. We found a local maximum of the utility of materialism. No real spiritual progress since 1500AD.

It's just a mediocre Renaissance so far. If we get back to commonplace space travel it'll be the best Renaissance in 5,000 years and Richard Branson just advertised that to me on a YouTube interstitial. So it could happen. But the social justice crew is getting hyphy and I'm not here for it.

I prayed for some new revelation and I've had some really helpful thoughts. None of it makes me hopeful for the human race, but I'm seeing better what my contribution looks like for my lifespan, and it's beautiful. So I'll probably keep sounding optimistic. But it's because I know the meaning of life, not because I'm delusional enough to think our civilization does. We might get back to that. Start resurrecting people again. I hope so. I don't see it happening for 120-300 years but I love pleasant surprises.