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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 03:45:33 MST from rss <>

Subject: E65/2005 745i No crank, no start, new battery and IVM. please help, well written post.

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E65/2005 745i No crank, no start, new battery and IVM. please help, well written post.

Vehicle Specs: 2005 BMW E65/745i , N62B48, 4.4 liter Valvetronic , Non comfort access

Transmission: GA6HP26Z automatic transmission

Main Issue: No Crank, No start, new OEM registered battery, New OEM IVM

Brief History and presentation of Vehicle: Currently has 99 thousand miles, completely stock OEM, no comfort access feature. 2nd owner since 18K miles. No accidents. Driven carefully throughout the years. Garage kept except for one winter. Issues I have had was a leaking transmission line which was replaced 2 years ago and has appeared to be functioning well since. Replaced alternator last year, unfortunately did not replace, alternator bracket, gasket or pulley. Underlying typical valve issues with white smoke that appears after acceleration takeoff which has been going on for the past 20K miles. I moved to Baltimore a couple years ago, I left the car with my dad to drive until I was more confident the car could make the long journey from ohio, given the recent alternator issues and a episode of limp mode/Failsafe while driving on highway in mild rain conditions. Alternator was replaced and car was driven short distances a few times per month. My father would occasionally jump the car as he attributed the dead battery to driving very little. He also reported occasionally needed to take key in and out to a couple times until car started. He also reported the gear shifter would intermittently be difficult to engage from Park to Drive.

Fast forward 2 years later (September 2021), I returned home, drove it to my new apartment, car ran poorly in my opinion, seemed to have less power, shifting roughly. I figured it needed an tune up and routine maintaince. I Decided to wash the car prior to taking it to my mechanic. Car was washed while engine off and with a low-pressure power washer. The Car was washed and shortly after did not start again. An attempt to jump the car from terminals under hood without success. A new battery was purchased and installed, the car started briefly (10 seconds) and then turned off. Hasn’t started since/ cranked over/ turned over since. There was concern for water damage or some type of short given the recent car wash. Grounds/ fused, relays, B+ terminal, were checked in detail (including under passenger seat, trunk boot). No signs of water anywhere except possibly passenger right floor due to shampooing carpet during car wash. An OEM BMW factory IVM was replaced without any change in status. Ground was checked at multiple levels. My volt-meter reported 12.2 volts at battery terminal, B+ terminal, engine, grounds.

A OBD scan tool (snap-on) was inserted and 47 codes showed up, codes cleared but some remained, some codes were : 2E95 Generator, 2A17 Diagnostic module tank leakage (DMTL) system error, 2A08 secondary air system 2, 2A1E fuel level signal. Also what was alarming was I was not able to establish connection to the transmission with my scan tool. Thus I have ordered a KD-CAN cable and currently downloading INPA, ista, NCS, winKFP for further diagnostic evaluation.

Current Status Quo: Still No crank, no start. At this time the Car unlocks and locks with remote/key. All functions of remote work. The Moment car is unlocked or door opened, the instrument cluster will assume control and illuminate. The Shift pattern/associated arrows next to RND will just flash at a frequency of 1.5Hz. The POSITION indicator for R,N and D will illuminate but will Not highlight to show what gear its in. There is no P (park) illumination nor will gear selector button work when P is pressed. I have noticed the LED light on the gear shift selector and the ignition start/stop button will some times be illuminate and sometimes wont.

-Single acoustic signal/gong noise is made

-Turn signals work, brakes light up when pressed, lights, radio, windows, lock buttons, blower motor, I drive , headlights , door w/ soft close, trunks, interior all work well. The steering wheel adjustments work,

-No light flickering, no changes/dimming of lights, screens, dash, ext.

-Key Is recognized and remains inside the slot.

-parking brake / EMF works when pressed and ignition is switched “ON"

  • gear selector lever doesn’t recognize P or N. Car doesn’t crank, no start. Unable to hear any obvious clicks, pump noises at during this process.

LC display shows:

Display area 5 & 4 graphic symbols/messages include:

Help and future plans: Check starter, alternator. Download Ista,inpa,wink,NCS ext. Look into how to test and check the gear selector, hear selector lever CAN defect/ Can bus error, TCM malfunction, EWS, DCS, SZL. Hoping to find a master technician who can help me remotely during this process once the cable and software is available in next couple days. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Selling car is not an option at this time due to sentimental value. Please help me and my family.

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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 03:56:17 MST from rss <>

Subject: Looking good 🤌

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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 04:21:59 MST from rss <>

Subject: BMW E60 530XI 6SPD For $ale NJ AREA

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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 04:15:36 MST from rss <>

Subject: (LS E92) Finally got the car back from the cage shop! Dropping the motor in sometime this week, update posts will be out soon! Car: 2012 E92 335i Engine: Built 5.3L LS

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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 05:35:22 MST from rss <>

Subject: Was out crusin when I spotted this E24 M6. Had to stop for a pic!

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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 05:41:36 MST from rss <>

Subject: Hows it looking? 2015 528i

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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 05:40:41 MST from rss <>

Subject: Brand new M4 Comp 900 miles.

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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 08:23:34 MST from rss <>

Subject: Bought this manual e91 with 93k Miles as my second car. Couldn’t be happier

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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 08:45:04 MST from rss <>

Subject: B37 150k km, 2016, is it reliable?

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My grandpa wants to buy a 216d and is going crazy for it and dosent want anything else. He found one but is still waiting for some money but as soon as he gets it he will go and buy it with no knowledge about 3 cylinder engines, bmw in general etc. So I just want to know if people had problems with that engine in general?

submitted by /u/Dovaskarr
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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 07:50:06 MST from rss <>

Subject: Looking for help regarding Salvaged BMW🙏🏽

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Hello Everyone! Gonna be buying my first car here in the US and was looking for some help if i should make this purchase. Found a used 2015 BMW 328i Sport BMW PHOTOS 60K miles at a dealership for $18.2K which is right at my budget. Problem is it’s salvaged. I believe it was side swiped. Here is what the dealer had to say regarding the accident that led for it to be salvaged. Dealer’s answer about potential issues Idk if it’s just me but i believe he’s being honest and he also said they fixed it up good. I don’t know anything about bmw or cars and don’t have anyone to take with me as i’m fairly new here in the US. Hoping to get some insight from you guys i wanna make a sure and educational desicion. Thank you🙏🏽

submitted by /u/ekschanbalido
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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 09:13:13 MST from rss <>

Subject: Stage 1 tuning question

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Should I just use bootmod3 for my stage one tuning? How easy is this to do? Also I haven’t put on many upgrades just exhaust and performance air intake system.. any recommendations to do before I do stage 1 tune or is everything basically needed for stage 2?

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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 09:48:41 MST from rss <>

Subject: Talk to me about drift engines

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So iv just moved to Germany from Australia and now have access to all BMW engines (rather than the small amount we have in aus)

If you were to build a reliable entry level to amateur comp drift car, what engine, gearbox and chassis combination would you use? Let’s say under €10k all in including cage. Minus labour. Max power target would be about 350kw with a min of about 200kw. (Detuning to improve reliability an option) TÜV always welcome but not required.

Obviously there’s the classics; M50,52,54 in an E36, E46. (E30’s being out of price range) but what else is there? In BMW’s extensive line up of 4, 6, 8’s + what would present the best reliability.

I came from RB engines so I’m a slut for a good limiter bash so any engines that don’t mind a bit of bouncing without grenading themselves are a plus!

submitted by /u/AussieDegenerate
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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 10:03:16 MST from rss <>

Subject: Run flats repair

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Hi. Just found two nails one in the front and the other one in the rear run flat 225/40RF19 tyres. BMW like always is asking for £600 for replacing both and I realised that you wouldn’t wanna go for a repair in the longer run but would you recommend getting the £12 per tyre puncture fix from the local garage as they said over the phone for sometime while I look for the exact same tyres and make up my mind about the replacement maybe from outside of the BMW? TIA!!!

submitted by /u/Arajawat
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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 10:26:17 MST from rss <>

Subject: christmas ready

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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 13:42:00 MST from rss <>

Subject: BMW iX Achieves Five-Star Rating In Euro NCAP

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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 14:35:19 MST from rss <>

Subject: Speed Yellow G80

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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 14:40:57 MST from rss <>

Subject: Hearing her start for the first time, she might need new plugs and definitely needs gas lol

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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 15:02:33 MST from rss <>

Subject: E46 m3 S54 turbo dash action. Oil light due to faulty sensor

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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 15:28:59 MST from rss <>

Subject: I’m guessing that top plug is loose? Can anyone check on theirs and confirm that it’s supposed to be pushed in all the way for me. N55 valve cover vacuum lines I believe. On the left side of the valve cover

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[#] Wed Dec 08 2021 16:11:28 MST from rss <>

Subject: Does it belong here?

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