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[#] Tue Aug 03 2021 17:47:16 MST from rss <>

Subject: Tutorial - Loading games from the network

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[#] Tue Aug 03 2021 21:24:56 MST from rss <>

Subject: How to request an update to Genesis core?

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I have a Rom from a game I backed but it does not work on Mister just yet and the dev says that whatever emulator or core being used would need an update to play it and I don’t have the right everdrive either. I have no idea what the tweak would be, how do I contact the dev and even ask this? I doubt they know about the game if someone does not ask

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[#] Wed Aug 04 2021 01:58:41 MST from rss <>

Subject: N64Digital Overview by My Life in Gaming

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[#] Wed Aug 04 2021 20:07:20 MST from rss <>

Subject: Nemo - on the Jotego CPS core - CPSTRAVAGANZA

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[#] Wed Aug 04 2021 22:32:03 MST from rss <>

Subject: Time in MiSTer GBA core?

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I'm not too sure if I am doing something wrong, but the GBA core seems to not recognize the time or something as many games that rely on it give a warning that there is something wrong with it. I don't have the dedicated RTC board, do I need to buy one? I was under the impression that the RTC works when connected to the internet, and that the RTC board was an option for when you are offline?

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[#] Thu Aug 05 2021 00:30:53 MST from rss <>

Subject: cannot get my 8bitdo sn30 pro to work on mister plugged or via bluetooth

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i had the controller working on my phone and computer via bluetooth mister wont budge an inch though

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[#] Thu Aug 05 2021 06:06:54 MST from rss <>

Subject: MiSTer not syncing to CRT

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I bought a standard io board for my mister (was previously preinstalled with io digital. I got the component cable with the 3.5mm analog adapter. The mister works on my hd tv but it will not show an image on my crt. I've tried messing with the ini settings I needed to do like setting ypbpr and composite to yes, messing around with the resolution. But I don't even get an image on my crt. Just a blank screen that says component. I have a Tau Panasonic consumer crt with component and svideo input.

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[#] Thu Aug 05 2021 10:21:33 MST from rss <>

Subject: Should I buy from rydepod?

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Ok, so I found an analogue mega sg for $171, and I was just wondering if I should buy it from there. I mean, analogue's website is always out of stock, eBay is full of nothing but scalpers and this is the only option left because noone else is selling this thing at a reasonable price(or at all). And I was wondering if it's worth buying from that website, or if I'm going to get scammed. Please tell me because I'm not fully aware of whether this site is legit or not.

submitted by /u/AlexisTheWexis
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[#] Thu Aug 05 2021 20:07:40 MST from rss <>

Subject: MiSTer FPGA DE-10 - FPGA Emulation vs Software Emulation in RetroArch - which is "better"

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[#] Thu Aug 05 2021 23:41:33 MST from rss <>

Subject: Selling some Xilinx MPSOC FPGA chips

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Hi All,

I got some Xilinx MPSOC FPGA chips for sale. They are 9EG and 11EG devices. Those chips are from a failed start-up project. The MPSOC chips are in short supply now, someone with immediate needs might find it helpful.

The chips are basically NEW.


submitted by /u/Majestic_Flight696
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[#] Fri Aug 06 2021 15:20:13 MST from rss <>

Subject: When was the last time analog was actually in stock?

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I do not understand how they operate as a business especially since they are only one filling that niche. Genuinely when was the last time they were selling a product it has to be close to near a year now right?

submitted by /u/Famous_Tony
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[#] Fri Aug 06 2021 22:31:59 MST from rss <>

Subject: Updated news from Analogue

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[#] Sat Aug 07 2021 23:08:48 MST from rss <>

Subject: Mister FPGA Wifi dongle does not power on

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Any help would be appreciated. Plugging in the Edimax EW 7811UN does not work with my mister rig. It will NOT power on at all, no matter which USB port I use. I confirmed that the dongle works in Windows - seems to power up just fine with a flashing blue led. Not the case at all with Mister - no blue leds. The green led in the USB hub DOES light up, and my controllers / keyboards work fine through those ports.

I'm thinking I may need to just use ethernet cable each time I update. Kind of a pain, but I'm open to suggestions. I bought what was recommended, and what other folks on forums have had good luck with. Thanks!

submitted by /u/dudeabides8337
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[#] Mon Aug 09 2021 14:58:22 MST from rss <>

Subject: Are the contents of MRA files subject to change?

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(Another way to put this might be, "How to uniquely identify arcade games based on their data?")

In the project I'm working on, I retrieve metadata based on a hash (specifically SHA-1) of each ROM file, for console games. Ultimately I'd like to take the same approach for arcade games-- would it make sense to base this off the MRA file? I've noticed them changing during development, but, for example, now that Jotego's CPS1/2 stuff is public, is it likely the MRA files will be unchanged going forward?

submitted by /u/tatsutron
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[#] Mon Aug 09 2021 16:50:23 MST from rss <>

Subject: Analogue restock for the Mega SG and Super NT are up for order along with accessories

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[#] Mon Aug 09 2021 18:18:51 MST from rss <>

Subject: Using a hybrid of FPGA and real chips?

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I'm an absolute novice but would it be sensible / possible to extend current FPGA capability by building some kind of interchangeable daughter board. Connecting (harvested) real components that are difficult to map to current FPGA. I know it's probably a bit of sacrilege but It might be a pretty cool way to push forward. Assuming that as long as the end user harvest there own chip it would be legally fine to provide the bare PCB to move it to?

IE A board with the N64 NEC VR4300 CPU and Reality Co-processor then letting the FPGA handle the rest of the board and any input output?

Assuming possible / worthwhile to develop, any upper limit to this if someone wanted to push something like PS2, PSP etc?

submitted by /u/sean13128
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[#] Mon Aug 09 2021 18:10:13 MST from rss <>

Subject: Good MicroSD Card Extender for MiSTer?

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Hello all,

I have a MiSTer build in an old APC UPS case and I have been really happy with it so far.

The only thing I am missing is access to the SD card from outside the case, I need to take it apart every time I need to take the card out. Has anyone used an extender they recommend? The cheap ones on Amazon seem to get mixed reviews.

submitted by /u/cm_bush
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[#] Tue Aug 10 2021 00:56:53 MST from rss <>

Subject: Weird "checkering"/"Dot Crawling" Issue Via S-Video

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I recently setup a Mister FPGA setup with the standard IO board, and have it connected to Antonio Villena's SVideo/Composite adapter. I have the device outputting via SVideo to an older Sharp consumer CRT (not top of the end, but it works for me), but I seem to be getting a weird checkerboarding/"crawling" issue on the video output.

At first, I thought it was my cables, but trying three different SVideo cables didn't seem to do anything different. I then thought it was my setup and hooked it to my CRT directly as opposed to any splitters/etc, but got the same results (I also tested with Composite which also had the same artifacting, but not as "bad" just due to the composite video quality hiding it more).

composite sync on, sync on green off, 5v jumper output, so all of that should be correct for SVideo out.

Original consoles do not seem to have this issue when testing via SVideo or Composite.

SVideo cables also all output fine when trying them on the Analogue DAC with a MegaSG (outside of other issues that output has) or an SVideo modded system.

I thought after this testing that maybe it was my CRT just not playing nice with the Mister's output for some reason, but I was able to get the same artifacts on my capture card, as well. It's most noticeable on lighter blues and greens. I've uploaded a video of Bonk's Adventure (take a look at the sky) and Mario All Stars to kind of show of what I'm getting. I can't really see this documented anywhere either.

I did hit up Antonio Villena via email, but he didn't really have any idea of what could be going on either.

All parts purchased from Mister Addons aside from the adapter.

tl;dr - weird artifacting on SVideo from Mister not in original consoles which seems to be system-wide and not core dependent.

EDIT: not sure why the video didn't seem to upload, but here's a streamable link:

Maybe I moved the wrong jumper on the IO board?

EDIT 2: Settings below

``` [MiSTer] key_menu_as_rgui=0 ; set to 1 to make the MENU key map to RGUI in Minimig (e.g. for Right Amiga) forced_scandoubler=0 ; set to 1 to run scandoubler on VGA output always (depends on core). ypbpr=0 ; set to 1 for YPbPr on VGA output. composite_sync=1 ; set to 1 for composite sync on HSync signal of VGA output. vga_scaler=0 ; set to 1 to connect VGA to scaler output. hdmi_audio_96k=0 ; set to 1 for 96khz/16bit HDMI audio (48khz/16bit otherwise) keyrah_mode=0x18d80002 ; VIDPID of keyrah for special code translation (0x23418037 for Arduino Micro) vscale_mode=0 ; 0 - scale to fit the screen height. ; 1 - use integer scale only. ; 2 - use 0.5 steps of scale. ; 3 - use 0.25 steps of scale. vscale_border=0 ; set vertical border for TVs cutting the upper/bottom parts of screen (1-399) ;bootscreen=0 ; uncomment to disable boot screen of some cores like Minimig. ;mouse_throttle=10 ; 1-100 mouse speed divider. Useful for very sensitive mice rbf_hide_datecode=0 ; 1 - hides datecodes from rbf file names. Press F2 for quick temporary toggle menu_pal=0 ; 1 - PAL mode for menu core hdmi_limited=0 ; 1 - use limited (16..235) color range over HDMI ; 2 - use limited (16..255) color range over HDMI, for VGA converters. direct_video=0 ; 1 - enable core video timing over HDMI, use only with VGA converters. fb_size=0 ; 0 - automatic, 1 - full size, 2 - 1/2 of resolution, 4 - 1/4 of resolution. fb_terminal=1 ; 1 - enabled (default), 0 - disabled osd_timeout=30 ; 5-3600 timeout (in seconds) for OSD to disappear in Menu core. 30 seconds if not set. ; Background picture will get darker after double timeout osd_rotate=0 ; Display OSD menu rotated, 0 - no rotation, 1 - rotate right (+90°), 2 - rotate left (-90°)

; 1 - enables the recent file loaded/mounted. ; WARNING: This option will enable write to SD card on every load/mount which may wear the SD card after many writes to the same place ; There is also higher chance to corrupt the File System if MiSTer will be reset or powered off while writing. recents=1

; lastcore - Autoboot the last loaded core (corename autosaved in CONFIG/lastcore.dat) first found on the SD/USB ; lastexactcore - Autoboot the last loaded exact core (corenameyyyymmdd.rbf autosaved in CONFIG/lastcore.dat) first found on the SD/USB ; corename - Autoboot first corename*.rbf found on the SD/USB ; corename_yyyymmdd.rbf - Autoboot first corename_yyyymmdd.rbf found on the SD/USB ;bootcore=lastcore ; uncomment to autoboot a core, as the last loaded core.

; 10-30 timeout before autoboot, comment for autoboot without timeout. bootcore_timeout=10

; Option to load the custom font. Format is plain bitmap 8x8. ; Supported sizes of font: ; 768 bytes - chars 32-127 (only alpha + numeric) ; 1024 bytes - chars 0-127 ; 1136 bytes - chars 0-141 ; up to 2048 - only chars 0-141 will be used. ; if first 32 chars are empty (for sizes 1024 bytes and more) then they are skipped. font=font/

; USER button emulation by keybaord. Usually it's reset button. ; 0 - lctrl+lalt+ralt (lctrl+lgui+rgui on keyrah) ; 1 - lctrl+lgui+rgui ; 2 - lctrl+lalt+del ; 3 - same as 0 (lctrl+lalt+ralt on keyrah) reset_combo=0

; set to 1 for DVI mode. Audio won't be transmitted through HDMI in DVI mode. dvi_mode=0

; 0 - 1280x720@60 ; 1 - 1024x768@60 ; 2 - 720x480@60 ; 3 - 720x576@50 ; 4 - 1280x1024@60 ; 5 - 800x600@60 ; 6 - 640x480@60 ; 7 - 1280x720@50 ; 8 - 1920x1080@60 ; 9 - 1920x1080@50 ;10 - 1366x768@60 ;11 - 1024x600@60 ;12 - 1920x1440@60 ;13 - 2048x1536@60 ; ; custom mode: hact,hfp,hs,hbp,vact,vfp,vs,vbp,Fpix_in_KHz ; video_mode=1280,110,40,220,720,5,5,20,74250 video_mode=0

; set to 1-10 (seconds) to display video info on startup/change video_info=0

; Set to 1 for automatic HDMI VSync rate adjust to match original VSync. ; Set to 2 for low latency mode (single buffer). ; This option makes video butter smooth like on original emulated system. ; Adjusting is done by changing pixel clock. Not every display supports variable pixel clock. ; For proper adjusting and to reduce possible out of range pixel clock, use 60Hz HDMI video ; modes as a base even for 50Hz systems. vsync_adjust=2

; If you monitor doesn't support either very low (NTSC monitors may not support PAL) or ; very high (PAL monitors may not support NTSC) then you can set refresh_min and/or refresh_max ; parameters, so vsync_adjust won't be applied for refreshes outside specified. ; These parameters are valid only when vsync_adjust is non-zero. refresh_min=0 refresh_max=0

; These parameters have the same format as video_mode. ; You need to supply both PAL and NTSC modes if you want vsync_adjust to switch between ; predefined modes as a base. This will reduce the range of pixel clock. ;video_mode_ntsc=0 ;video_mode_pal=7

; 1-10 (seconds) to display controller's button map upon first time key press ; 0 - disable controller_info=6

; JammaSD/J-PAC/I-PAC keys to joysticks translation ; You have to provide correct VID and PID of your input device ; Examples: Legacy J-PAC with Mini-USB or USB capable I-PAC with PS/2 connectors VID=0xD209/PID=0x0301 ; USB Capable J-PAC with only PS/2 connectors VID=0x04B4/PID=0x0101 ; JammaSD: VID=0x04D8/PID=0xF3AD jamma_vid=0x04D8 jamma_pid=0xF3AD

; Disable merging input devices. Use if only player 1 works. ; Leave no_merge_pid empty to apply this to all devices with the same VID. ;no_merge_vid=0x045E ;no_merge_pid=0x028E

; Speeds in sniper/non-sniper modes of mouse emulation by joystick ; 0 - (default) - faster move in non-sniper mode, slower move in sniper mode. ; 1 - movement speeds are swapped. sniper_mode=0

; Uncomment following option if you don't want to see a second line for long file names in listing. ;browse_expand=0

; 0 - disable MiSTer logo in Menu core logo=1

; Custom shared folder for core supporting this feature (currently minimig and ao486 only) ; Can be relative to core's home dir or absolute path. ; Path must exist before core start to use it, or it will fail. ; Make sure USB device is mounted before use shared folder on USB! shared_folder=

; Custom aspect ratio ;custom_aspect_ratio_1=16:10 ;custom_aspect_ratio_2=1:1

; use specific (VID/PID) mouse X movement as a spinner and paddle. Use VID=0xFFFF/PID=0xFFFF to use all mice as spinners. ; spinner_throttle with base value 100 gives one spinner step per one tick. Higher value makes spinner slower. ; Lower than 100 makes spinner faster. Negative value gives opposite direction. ;spinner_vid=0x1BCF ;spinner_pid=0x0005 ;spinner_throttle=-50

; Default filters for video scaler and audio. Paths must be relative to scaler/audio filter filders without leading slash. ;vfilter_default=LCD_Effect/07.txt ;afilter_default=LPF2000_3tap.txt


submitted by /u/SpankyTheDarned
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[#] Tue Aug 10 2021 09:49:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: Does anyone know if this controller would work/ be good for my mister ?

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[#] Tue Aug 10 2021 19:36:28 MST from rss <>

Subject: This seems worth $25, and it works great on mister's Genesis core. Buy on steam and use the "rom.bin" file. Demons of Asteborg; I posted yesterday on crtgaming.

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