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[#] Wed Sep 08 2021 11:18:14 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

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So, too late last night, I had a bunch of pistachios. I knew it was a bad idea - but what made it worse was that my wife was sharing the bowl with me. She eats *fast*. It is really a terrible habit of hers that I can't break her of. 

My mother loved peanuts, but after her 50s, sometimes they would give her *terrible* heart burn. It isn't just heart burn, though. I get a knot in my shoulder blades, I get a lump at the bottom of my esophagus to the right. I get painful burps... 

But I've learned that I can eat almost *any* kind of seed or nut, short of sunflower seeds, as long as I slow down and chew thoroughly. 

Yesterday as we were mowing through this bowl of pistachios at breakneck speed - I had a little, "this may not go well..." 

Now... Cashews, I can eat a bunch of them, and I don't have to slow down even - and I'm almost always alright. So I was hoping it would be like that. 

It wasn't. 

Around 11, laying in bed, I could feel the knot forming in my back, near my right shoulder blade. I fought it for a while, then I had a couple of burps... the kind where you have to suck in some air to get the burp to come out and it hurts... and I was like... great, here we go. 

I got to bed by 3 AM. 

Terrible night.  

[#] Wed Sep 22 2021 02:06:44 MST from TheDave

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I moved about 10 miles east this month, so all my standard food stuff is jumbled up and some is just gone forever like my lemon juice spray bottle.  My new roommate is far less messy which is nice, but gets annoyed when anyone but him messes up the kitchen, which is hilarious and annoying at the same time.  He hates when anything is left on the counter.  To him, a clean kitchen requires empty counters.  To me that's fucking stupid as all hell, because where the fuck does my dish drainer go and how am I supposed to use my food scale if it's always buried under all the other kitchen stuff?  But I'm trying to be a considerate housemate.  I've gained 15 pounds in 3 weeks.  FML.

[#] Wed Sep 22 2021 02:08:11 MST from TheDave

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My rice cooker has a place on the shelf in my bedroom closet.  My instant pot is still in the box.  I think I'm going to put up a curtain and claim the kitchen as my own domain.