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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 06:40:01 MST from rss <>

Subject: need help with launching game

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hey, so i just downloaded clean steam files and a crack of MX Bikes from cs.r* Now i have no idea how to launch the game, or what to do next. I'm really new to this so hope y'all dont hate for this dumb question.

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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 06:56:06 MST from rss <>

Subject: I plan on getting downloads of a Disney cartoon of the “holy crap I can’t believe this is the past” era

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I’m hoping for it to be a ≤ 1 GB per episode situation, and I’m hoping for one of these shows

Wander Over Yonder

Gravity Falls

Star vs the Forces of Evil

And maybe also Ducktales (2017)

Any recommendations? I’ve seen Gravity Falls and SVTFOE in their entirety, seen most episodes of WOY, and only saw like 2 episodes of Ducktales 2017, I’d like to have my viewing of these series not for chained down to an internet connection

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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 07:13:11 MST from rss <>

Subject: Websites for watching cartoons?

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Kimcartoons and kiss cartoons are all pretty much infested with ads I'm trying to find a new one

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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 10:31:24 MST from rss <>

Subject: Whats the best torrent client?

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In your opinion and based on your experiences. I'm trying to decide which one to use.

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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 10:20:07 MST from rss <>

Subject: Asking about Downloading from Baidu

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Hi fellow Information-ocean farers, I want to ask if there is anyway to download files from Baidu (China's major cloud and search service) right now? I used to have an account before and could download things from it just fine. However since last year, China has been ramping up the Chinese Firewall, so my account no longer usable since i dont have a mainland China phone number. Did tried to do some googling but all the solutions is either out dated or unreliable.

Anyway, what i want to download is a 64 GBs movie (blu-ray), dont know why the Chinese always have such high quality goods.

Thank you for reading, if this post is not suitable in this sub-reddit, please kindly point me to where i can ask these things.

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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 11:25:08 MST from rss <>

Subject: ACMarket asking for invasive permissions

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Okay. So I looked into the rules of this sub and there was something about previously asked questions. So I went and googled a thread titled "Android Piracy 101". I followed the link for ACMarket and then installed it. It is currently asking for the following permissions:

Photos Media Files Phone

Is that normal? I cannot afford to fuck this phone up.

Thank you all for your time, Wren

submitted by /u/Wren03
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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 11:23:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: Is there a website where you can download all new movies and blockbusters in german language without a torrent?

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I am a noob in piracy and I just want to download some movies to watch with my friends.

submitted by /u/xXNOdrugsForMEXx
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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 11:43:50 MST from rss <>

Subject: Mp4 decrypt widevine

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Mpd url

is the license url same as in the manifest??

using fiddler i found this

Encrypted HTTPS traffic flows through this CONNECT tunnel. HTTPS Decryption is enabled in Fiddler, so decrypted sessions running in this tunnel will be shown in the Web Sessions list.

Secure Protocol: Tls12

Cipher: Aes128 128bits

Hash Algorithm: Sha256 ?bits

Key Exchange: ECDHE_RSA (0xae06) 256bits

== Server Certificate ==========





Simple Name: *

DNS Name: *


CN=Amazon, OU=Server CA 1B, O=Amazon, C=US

Simple Name: Amazon

DNS Name: Amazon

[Serial Number]


[Not Before]

23-06-2021 05:30:00 AM

[Not After]

23-07-2022 05:29:59 AM



[Signature Algorithm]


[Public Key]

Algorithm: RSA

Length: 2048

Key Blob: 30 82 01 0a 02 82 01 01 00 d1 94 36 36 2e 33 44 f1 51 56 c6 c6 c1 30 77 e2 67 8b 95 e9 29 b9 e4 83 66 14 5f ff ce 30 b7 f2 35 10 8f f0 6d b1 48 1c ef 34 d7 7b d1 a2 b9 84 51 f9 fc 07 97 c9 3c a4 97 bd 18 2a 25 d3 48 1b ca e6 3b 0c 4a 7d bb fd 88 76 45 e1 bd da 7f 11 14 ad 9b de 6a 77 00 67 c4 60 56 e6 fb 43 e6 49 91 81 11 b3 45 a2 9d ba 09 53 4f 09 02 4d a6 4d 2f 0f a1 69 97 6c 9b 23 d3 d7 5f 1f a6 6f 09 22 39 78 b7 28 ee 78 8d 2f 1f 9f 89 71 ae 75 78 66 67 65 99 45 7c 96 e1 7a de fc 78 61 94 e0 19 43 69 8d 40 4b b2 74 2c 10 c4 e8 eb 4c 73 ca ca de 01 f4 36 47 cc bd bf dc 47 02 6b de 6a c7 00 1c a2 9e 99 5b 67 55 3c 7f cb 32 e7 3f 8a 86 b5 aa f7 45 e4 da dc 7f 63 7b 0a 3d 55 80 7d 5c 10 16 97 ad 93 72 64 4e 6f cb 35 7a cb bf 59 3a 20 e8 84 e0 61 20 69 48 06 93 d0 bc 00 3e e7 8a 04 c9 02 03 01 00 01

Parameters: 05 00


* Authority Key Identifier(


* Subject Key Identifier(


* Subject Alternative Name(

DNS Name=*


* Key Usage(

Digital Signature, Key Encipherment (a0)

* Enhanced Key Usage(

Server Authentication (

Client Authentication (

* CRL Distribution Points(

[1]CRL Distribution Point

Distribution Point Name:

Full Name:


* Certificate Policies(

[1]Certificate Policy:

Policy Identifier=

* Authority Information Access(

[1]Authority Info Access

Access Method=On-line Certificate Status Protocol (

Alternative Name:


[2]Authority Info Access

Access Method=Certification Authority Issuer (

Alternative Name:


* Basic Constraints(

Subject Type=End Entity

Path Length Constraint=None

* SCT List(



‎23 ‎June ‎2021 05:37:54 AM






‎23 ‎June ‎2021 05:37:54 AM






‎23 ‎June ‎2021 05:37:54 AM





DNS Name=*


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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 11:57:38 MST from rss <>

Subject: Yea lets just buy $1000 computer just to stream Youtube videos.

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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 11:54:06 MST from rss <>

Subject: Where can I find Dragon Ball Z uncut version with lot of episodes and original theme song?

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Hi, I'm watching Dragon Ball Z again, but i suspect there are more episodes.

I checked GoGo**, 9An, 5An***. There's no such episodes anywhere.

The starting soundtrack differs, it's not the "Dragon Dragon.... Here's the Dragon, Dragon Ball Z".

I remember correctly there were more episodes

  • Cell Saga happening in the air and everyone along with goku fighting in the air.
  • Videl got kidnapped when following bad guys in her Hellicopter and Gohan rescued her

Please help me find the original Dragon Ball Z. I want to rewatch this classic with all it's old glory

submitted by /u/Rc202402
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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 11:47:23 MST from rss <>

Subject: Specialized Subtitle software

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Hi there, I was wondering if anyone maybe knows where can I find FAB Subtitler

this is a very specialized piece of software and I have no idea where to find it, it goes great with their FAB Teletext Editor (which I also would like to have but have no idea where to find) so if anyone know where stuff like this can be found please tell me

Thanks for Anwsering and Best Regarsd

submitted by /u/veso266
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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 07:32:23 MST from rss <>

Subject: how to convert or read .pte format

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hi there is one app which provides ebooks. we need to read the ebooks from their app only.
but seems they have drm protection. I was able to locate the download location but the files are in .pte format. how could i convert .pte file or is there any software which helps to read .pte format books.

submitted by /u/fjroi48f
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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 12:56:55 MST from rss <>

Subject: kemono party ( not showing search )

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hi i have this problem with kemono party its not showing me any search results or i can favorite any artist any solution ?

submitted by /u/zagran
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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 12:52:12 MST from rss <>

Subject: How to install Games from FitGirl Repacks in Linux ?

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Hey guys, just downloaded Forza Horizon 5 from FitGirl Repacks, but i'm using linux so how can i install the game ?

Srry for the english, not my first language.

Obs: Using Linux Mint 20.1

submitted by /u/sandsph
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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 14:04:48 MST from rss <>

Subject: Dhcp tv set capturing

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Hi all, I recently got hurt and in need to stay home for a couple of months, so I decieded to record some basketball games and local casters that analyze the game.

I bought a cheap capture card, and when I plug it in all I see is SMPTE colors bars (No signal).

After a lot of googling and redditing I understand that I'm facing an dhcp error and was unable to find a working capture/hdcp stripper card...

Hdfury is over the budget for me.

Any Amazon products or tips will more then do ! If there is any more information that I can supply or missing please let me know .


submitted by /u/br4infreze
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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 14:29:24 MST from rss <>

Subject: incredible message from a game dev

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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 15:16:25 MST from rss <>

Subject: I missed the latest ufc match

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it was the max holloway v/s yair rodriguez match where can i watch if it's over

submitted by /u/bhargava_hebbar
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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 15:02:56 MST from rss <>

Subject: Would this be considered piracy?

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For the most part, I don't pirate anymore. However, there's some games that I legally own on DVD (specifically call of duty black ops i, call of duty black ops ii, left 4 dead, left 4 dead 2), but they use Steam to install, but the CD Key has already been used on my dad's account, so I want to just download the games from 1337x. And I'm just curious, would that be considered piracy, or would it be fine since I legally own the games?

submitted by /u/theepiccarday808
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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 15:17:24 MST from rss <>

Subject: I opened an exe file that said will uninstall the game but didn't, now i don't know what that exe file did.

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About earlier this month I downloaded a pirated Pacify The Farm game but didn't play it(opened the game a few times but didn't actually play it). today i decided to uninstall it, i didn't find the game on the apps and games so i checked the directory file where it was installed and there was an .exe file that said would uninstall the game but didn't. The .exe file disappeared and the files of the game is still there, im concerned if that .exe file installed a virus

submitted by /u/drem0r
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[#] Sun Nov 14 2021 16:17:12 MST from rss <>

Subject: Need help finding a good piracy site that provides music programms

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Hey, so I've been having this urge to learn how to create music. But I don't know where to start. I couldn't find any good ddl to, for example, download Avid Pro tools on the megathread. Or any semi-profesional music programm.

Can anyone please help me? I'd appreciate it alot!^

submitted by /u/RussakVF
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