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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 12:39:59 MST from rss <>

Subject: Places for free OF content?

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As the title says. Places to get free OnlyFans content, preferably with as little redirects as possible.

And yes, before you ask, this is my fap account ;)

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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 13:56:20 MST from rss <>

Subject: The answerer is a Robin hood.

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Can anyone guide me through the process with which we can download embedded videos from forums such as vdocipher.

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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 14:36:01 MST from rss <>

Subject: Best place to download non-fiction AudioBooks?

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Anyone know about any good sites?

submitted by /u/CrownOfIce
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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 13:28:32 MST from rss <>

Subject: "Motion Graphics with Kurzgesagt" course for free?

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From where can I get the "Motion Graphics with Kurzgesagt" full course from SkillShare for free.
PS: I'm a beginner at pirating.

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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 15:20:01 MST from rss <>

Subject: How to change fit-girl repack games from Normal-Ryujinx to LDN2-Ryujinx?

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Hey so I downloaded the fit girl repack for Pokemon BD&SP using normal Ryujinx. After playing for a while I downloaded the LDN2 version to play on LAN but it doesn't read my saves and I have to restart all over. Any idea on how to move the game files so I can continue playing on LDN2?

-I tried moving saves and it didn't work.

-I have the same game directory for both of them.

Any help appreciated thanks

submitted by /u/DnSLuV
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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 15:23:18 MST from rss <>

Subject: pirate bay problem

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I'm trying to use it but every time I try to download it just redirects me to a vpn service, I'm using opera gx and have the vpn active and it still will not let me download.

This is new to me so I have no idea what I'm doing, any help would be appreciated.

submitted by /u/alpander
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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 16:47:50 MST from rss <>

Subject: Help with audio tracks in hindi

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Sorry for my weak english Netflix gives it's user translated shows like in many languages so can anybody give me the hindi audio track of squid game

submitted by /u/fkbfkb88
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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 14:22:46 MST from rss <>

Subject: Any cheap(or free) way to play Fifa 22?

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I wanna play Fifa 22 offline with my bros but don't wana spend 20 usd since people review it badly. Any way I can play for free or like with game pass?

submitted by /u/simp-lord101
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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 17:18:34 MST from rss <>

Subject: How do streaming sites block recording through display?

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Can someone explain this sorcery?

If someone records their desktop display (i.e. shadowplay, streamlabs, obs) and a streaming site is playing a video, it will record everything EXCEPT that video.


submitted by /u/throwaway_anon1111
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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 18:08:06 MST from rss <>

Subject: Question regarding downloading speed

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Hello, I've got a 100mbit up&down connection and using Mullvad VPN, achieving similiar speeds there when I do a speedtest

But I feel like my torrent are taking forever (I am using qBittorrent 4.3.9) In 4 hours i've only been able to download 20 gigbabite from 4 different torrents at an average ~2.0 Mib/s rate. I've tried only leaving 1 torrent active at a time but I get similiar speeds.

I guess the amount of seeders are a bit low, one of the torrent has ~50 and the other three around ~10. But is there anything I can do to increase these download speeds?

Ive included a few screenshots below

submitted by /u/BasedPolarBear
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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 18:32:14 MST from rss <>

Subject: Opening Windows Files On MacBook Help?

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I have a MacBook Pro. Since my old one broke, the new one is on the most recent update and cannot go back any older updates. I downloaded some software and half of it is unable to open because its Windows. I cannot use Wine, as it hasn’t been updated, and I can’t go back to the last version it was fixed for. Is there any other alternatives to Wine? (especially ones that are easy to use, I’m not very good at computer things.) Thanks in advance!

submitted by /u/mafuyugirlboss
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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 18:22:10 MST from rss <>

Subject: Is managed anymore?

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Anyone here uses

I have noticed recently there were no uploads at all and now loading the site will go to the file directory on their web hosting server.

Anyone knows if that site will be managed by anyone anymore? They used to upload to MEGA and had H265 encodes which were really good.

submitted by /u/adhip999
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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 18:40:36 MST from rss <>

Subject: I don't feel safe on my PC

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I'm running legit Windows 10 with pirated software from sources that should be safe but I'm still scared of spyware and malware (I still don't trust the software I install), especially when logging in on important sites or doing bank stuff. Does anyone else feel the same?

submitted by /u/PM_ME_DOGE_MEMES
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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 19:17:40 MST from rss <>

Subject: I've downloaded the 1080p HEVC 10-Bits OPUS 5.1 by Doc Ramen of "Arcane: League of Legends S01". The quality on Netflix is so so different (actually better).

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I want to watch the show with the original color grading and the unique effects that the edges have. I thought the version I downloaded was the best in terms of quality. Any better alternative?

PS: The quality difference isn't that high, but the vibe of the original Netflix version that I've watched on Netflix is just so catchy, even though it is not that noticeable.

submitted by /u/freeman701
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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 19:15:42 MST from rss <>

Subject: - Freemium

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Hi, as the title suggests, I recently got a free trial to their premium service & there is one thing that bothered me a lot is that, to get a free trial you've to provide a phone number & from there they'll provide you with a random International phone number to call & hang up on the first beep & boom you got a free trial for 10 days. So, the question is why do they need someone's number to call a random International number & hang up on the first beep? It sounds way fishy, the thought that crossed my mind is that they could be triggering a remote bomb & stuff but I don't know I may be overthinking. Does anyone have any type of experience with their service? Please lemme know

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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 19:36:53 MST from rss <>

Subject: Best way to watch/download movies and series on Android?

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I'm only aware of the stremio app but can't download with it afaik and the player isn't well either. What's the way to go?

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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 19:36:16 MST from rss <>

Subject: Whats an acceptable bitrate for a 4K encode that would make a difference over a 1080P encode?

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Got a new tv and want to see where my 'cutoff' should be between file size and quality. For example I see remuxes that are like 48mb/s bitrate and some smaller files that are like 28mb/s. Would the smaller file with the lower bit rate even be much better than 1080p? Thanks!

submitted by /u/v-a-g
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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 18:49:54 MST from rss <>

Subject: I found a movie and its a iso file of 3.3 GB and I want to do something with it please help!

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I recently downloaded a workout video and the video file is a iso and the file is 3.3 GB and the quality is pretty good. But I'm more used to .MP4 files not really the Ripped ISO files. So should I convert it to a .MP4 file or should I just leave it alone as the ISO and then get "Flash Drive" specifically for the "ISO" files that I get.

On this "ISO" file there are menus and 2 different workout options. I like the clickable menu as well as it having both workouts in 1 file. Should I just leave it alone or convert it into 2 different file one for each workout. Both as .MP4. Any advice would be great.

P.S. I never burn DVD's anymore I only use "USB Flash Drives" currently I do want to get a external hard drive but I don't have one yet. So I was just wondering what is the best option for these type of files.

Thank You!

submitted by /u/DawnRenee1988
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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 20:10:11 MST from rss <>

Subject: Just found this useful program that can download music for various sources (similar to Zspotify, but works without an account)

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[#] Fri Nov 26 2021 20:12:09 MST from rss <>

Subject: How safe is GreenLuma?

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I decided to play a game a friend sent me and he recommended I use GreenLuma, I downloaded it and Windows Defender gave me a trojan alert. I then ran everything through VirusTotal and a couple of files gave me warnings. I took the link from this subreddit's recommended links on the megathread, is it safe? Should I be worried? Is it a false positive and can I use it or should I just delete it and move on?

submitted by /u/NotAPornAccountWink
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