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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 01:04:41 MST from rss <>

Subject: Gnarly Repacks Virus or False Positive?

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Downloaded Demon's Souls from Gnarly Repacks through the 1fichier DDL. As soon as the setup.exe finished Windows Defender gave me a warning that it'd found "something phonzy something". Checked the notification and the virus/scan just disappeared after like 10 seconds(dunno why?) so I can't remember too well. Ran a Windows Defender scan, nothing. Ran a Malware Bytes scan, nothing. Ran a VirusTotal scan on the Setup.exe file and it got 6/70. I'm assuming it's just a false positive?

Relevant Links:

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 00:39:32 MST from rss <>

Subject: How do illegal streams and movie sites get paid without leaving a paper trail

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These streams have always been really fascinating to me, the one thing I can't figure out is how they get paid from their adsense and donations without it going to an account in their name. Unless it does and they just don't care? Wouldn't it be easy to shut down if it's in their name? Would be interested to hear from people that know

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 01:21:47 MST from rss <>

Subject: Best way to pirate music without a vpn

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I've been using free mp3 download dot net so far but I would prefer ones that allow me to download more at once or entire albums. I find most of the other sites suggested for this are torrenting/p2p sites and since I don't have a vpn I have to avoid those

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 02:25:53 MST from rss <>

Subject: An old garbage reality show is now fully on Hulu, and there's no torrents of it

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An old favorite of mine has become available on Hulu, and nobody seems to have ripped it yet. It's been on the service for a month or so now. I've tried a couple utilities to rip the stream (webDL style) and had no success. Is anybody able to help me get that to work or send a request to a scene group?

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 04:13:33 MST from rss <>

Subject: Taking a shot in the dark...

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Does anyone know how to extract video from I've tried -dl -dlp, network stream vlc, vdh, trying to isolate m3u8/mpd files in the site script, etc. The website link to download is a fake, broken link to goog play, and I just cannot figure this out for the life of me. I can't even find a way to extract the audio files to merge with a screen capture (android 9). I've got a fever, so I'm heading to sleep, but feel fucking free to give me any guidance at all—the site must be plundered, ahoy.

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 04:04:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: PSNow and Piracy

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I'm new to the idea of PSNow and not so new to the idea of piracy and I was wondering if anyone has insight on how PSNow works as a service with regards to piracy. What little I know is that you spend most of the time streaming games from Sony servers on a PC but either some or all PS4 and PS2 games can be downloaded onto the pc and played locally which begs the question is piracy of these "PC Ports" feasible? I have some grasp on why it's taken so long to get a PS3 emulator to be fully functional and why a PS4 emulator would take even longer if possible at all but PSNow seems to, in my uneducated opinion, have some possibility to allow piracy of these "PC Ports" before a PS4 emulator is developed. There could be something about the PSNow system I'm not understanding, some concept in piracy overall that I've overlooked or perhaps it's been tried and the piracy protection was just too good but this seems feasible to some degree.

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 04:45:04 MST from rss <>

Subject: Google Features YTS and 123movies as "Best Movie Websites"

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 05:11:41 MST from rss <>

Subject: What’s the difference between right clicking an NFT and pirating a movie, morally speaking?

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My friend and I were having a conversation a while back about NFTs, and (to my surprise) he told me he thinks the “right clicking” meme is actually ignorant and illogical. I pressed him on why, and his argument was basically the title. He said that because you’re doing the same thing when you right click an NFT as when you download an illegal copy of a movie, that they’re morally equivalent - so if we’re going to outlaw one, we should outlaw both. Otherwise, we’re being inconsistent. Or in other words, either piracy laws should be repealed altogether or else we need to draft new ones that protect NFTs too.

I pointed out fair use laws and the like, and how typically screen shotting online artwork or even movies is acceptable use of the media (even without you being the owner), but he didn’t listen. He said that the bottom line is that you’re doing the same thing in both instances (misappropriating someone else’s work or property) and so they should be treated as such in the law.


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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 04:58:28 MST from rss <>

Subject: Sources of

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I'm wondering where gets their data from--deezer perhaps? I am setting up Lidarr to automate my music collection maintenance, but I want to keep this source as it is a reliable source of flac audio.

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 05:20:05 MST from rss <>

Subject: Any tips for increasing ratio?

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 05:16:29 MST from rss <>

Subject: HOI4 DLCs not unlocking

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I legit own base HOI4 and donwloaded the DLCs from and extracted them and creamapi to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hearts of Iron IV but the launcher still detects that I don't own them and doesn't allow me to play with them (I can launch the game with them enabled but once I get into a game they don't activate). Am I doing something wrong?

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 05:54:40 MST from rss <>

Subject: Is it safe to upgrade to windows 11?

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I have a lot of stuff on my laptop, from games to Linux VMware and pirated games. Will I run into any problems from upgrading? Will my performance get worse afterwards?

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 06:21:48 MST from rss <>

Subject: I have qbittorrent bound to a specific network interface and got an infringement notice. Wtf is going on?

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Just got an email for getting something from rarbg that said I was shown to be downloading something and to stop and delete it and not do it again from my isp. But how is this possible? I'm using surfshark and my qbittorrent is bound to a certain network interface. I'm using macOS though and it seemed like setting up the network interface was a lot more confusing than on my windows laptop. Its on interface en0 but I cant even find that on my list when using the cmd--ifsense and there are like a thousand listed in qbittorrent. On windows it was a 2 second thing. What could be going on and am I in legal trouble? Thanks a lot.

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 07:02:54 MST from rss <>

Subject: When trying to play films/shows through my PS4, why does it seem like the sound won't work on 50%+ of downloads? The video usually plays fine.

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I put them on my external hard drive, which is formatted to play films e.t.c..... on my ps4 and has been for years. Slowly but surely I've been getting the "Cannot play. The audio format is not supported." message more and more. My ps4 is updated and everything. The video will usually work, although the file won't work at all occasionally.

I can hook up my computer to the tv and play it through VLC and it's fine, but that's annoying to do. I'm not super technical, so I'd appreciate any help.

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 07:30:09 MST from rss <>

Subject: Where can i find Renderers for Cinema 4D

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As the title says, im having a bit of a hard time to find standalone renderers for Cinema 4D! Any help would be appreciated

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 08:02:13 MST from rss <>

Subject: Free online resources going subscription

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Got an email from BBC Good Food to say the app so many people use as their go to for recipes is going subscription based. No additional features are being offered to justify this change, it's just no ads (IE the bare minimum). It doesn't even include digital Access to the good food magazine. They're not even their own recipes, they take them from chefs featured on BBC or users submit. £4.49 a month is insane

I hope someone exports their whole archive before they trigger the change.

"We’re so glad you’ve chosen to cook with us and we hope you enjoy our forthcoming updates

We wanted you to be the first to know about some changes we're making. What's new? Why are we changing?

So we can keep investing in more of the recipes and cooking inspiration you value most, we will move the app to a subscription-only package.

As a subscriber, you'll enjoy a range of new features and benefits every month, such as how-to-videos, masterclasses, exclusive new recipes, and the opportunity to put your questions to our experts. Plus, the app is going to be completely ad free.

We hope you love our new app and decide to subscribe. If you choose to do so, it will be £24.99 per year or £4.49 per month. To help you explore it we’ll be offering you a free three-month trial. With no obligation, it’s easy to cancel anytime.

Don’t worry, if you’ve enjoyed the BBC Good Food app but don’t want to subscribe, you’ll still be able to see your saved recipes and collections online via your My Good Food account. We’ll also be on hand to make the transition easy.

Please note, this subscription is separate to our digital edition magazine app and the BBC Good Food magazine print subscription."

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 08:12:25 MST from rss <>

Subject: Cosmobox premium downloader

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Been up and down everywhere trying to find a cosmvobox premium downloader. anyone know of one pls?

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 08:33:25 MST from rss <>

Subject: A touching story

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 08:52:28 MST from rss <>

Subject: Torrenting with SeedBoxes in the US/CA/EU

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So, Torrents, the heart of the free access internet. They are great, but with the laws in place, it's rough. Some ISPs care less, some more but sometimes you do get the odd letter saying, you've been doing some bad bad stuff you naughty boy/girl, telling you to stop. It's not fun nor something good.

You gotta do something about this whole copyright letter problem, so you look for a solution.

So what most people would say is use a VPN it secures your connection and saves your family tree, your pen grows by 3 inches if you don't use it, someone who does is going to steal your wife, your kids, and all your private information.

That's the way VPNs are advertised, for a 0.01% chance of you using a public WiFi and that being exploited with you ignoring the HTTPS warnings then going onto your bank account being the main point. Yes there is a chance but if you simply use your mobile data, or make sure the site is actually HTTPS / it Encrypts your traffic you'll be just fine.

So, if using a VPN isn't the solution what is?

A SeedBox.

What is a SeedBox?

It's a simple solution that downloads the Torrents for you on a server, after the donwload is finished you can get it from that server at better speeds, as a normal HTTP/S download. So you virtually have nothing to do with Torrenting, you didn't use Torrents yourself for all your ISP cares.

Does it have other advantages?

Ofcourse it does, what I use and what I'd recommend is Debrid-Link. It's a SeedBox with a ton of additional useful aspects.

There are benifits for people living in countries where they can Torrent freel or people downloading the file. As title suggests. It's a SeedBox it Seeds as well, for public trackers its 15 days or a ratio of 1 and for Private it's again for 15 days and a ratio of 10 whichever is met first. It does this automatically so you don't fiddle around in settings or make sure it's set up right.

Most Private trackers want long seeding times and ratios so this also covers that 15 days or a ratio of 10 again whichever is met first you'll be fine using your Private tracker without worrying about getting a ban.

2.5TB cloud storage per month, so you can store a fairly large amount of Torrents and this resets every month, sadly they can't keep it on the server forver so every 21 days the files you downloaded are deleted it's for legal reasons they can't do much about that.

You can use Stremio on Android or PC with Torrentio as the add-on and by entering your Debrid-Link info to the addon, you can watch all your Torrented content so it also coves your content consumption all for the same price as a VPN.

There are also Premium Hosters, for stuff like Rapid, Turbo, Mega, Alfa and more you can download their links at faster speeds with leniant limits, Turbo and Mega for example have a 90gb a day limit and Rapid has 75gb a day etc.

You can also use the web player if you'd like not to install any apps it's all there. So play the content you downloaded on your SeedBox inside your browser without any apps.

This is not your only option, check around if you'd like, this is just something I have been using for a while and I like it a ton, every time I opened a support request usually on the same day and got whatever the issue was resolved. So I liked my experience. It's also free for 1 Torrent a day at 5gb so you can use it for free or for testing purposes.

So what's the catch, where are the links to get it, where is the affiliate/commission part?

There isn't any, I'm not going to share any links that benifit me personally, I don't care if you use something else. I hate the VPN advertising schemes so anything that gets people out of that spiral is a win in my book.

So check it out, get a smaller than 5gb Torrent, get your popcorn and watch something or download something of your choice, just see that, there is a better world where you don't fiddle around with settings, don't get copyright letters, get a lot of use and for basically the same price of your existing VPN, Debrid-Link costs 2.66 Euros or 3.01 Dollars a month when you get the 180 day plan. I don't know about other SeedBox prices. But they are similar to VPNs. So no matter what you use it's just better.

I really want to say this so people in the US/CA/EU regions where the copyright laws are enforced don't pay for a VPN that's going to slow down their speeds, create headaches and still have risks, just because someone on YouTube wants to get their 10% commission from the company/companies when you get a worse experience.

As additional information, VPNs aren't completely useless, this thread isn't about that, it's that, if you are in a Country where you need to use something to not get any letters, there are simply better options. If you want to bypass a school/work firewall or want to change your IP yeah use a VPN otherwise, no one is stealing all your private data just because you didn't pay for a VPN and the advertisers. So,if you're forced to use something, at least make sure you're getting your moneys worth and get something nice, do your research and don't fall for the advertising.

This for me is a great balance of everything but as someone in a different thread suggested there is a whole subreddit for SeedBoxes and there is always Google and Reddit you have questions, make sure to do your research and pick what works for you.

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[#] Mon Dec 06 2021 09:20:44 MST from rss <>

Subject: IMAX Web-Dl vs Blu-ray UHD for Marvel Movies

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I don't know if this is the right subreddit to ask this question but I just wanted to know how is the picture quality of the newly released IMAX version of the Marvel movies on Disney+. Is it a little worse than the Blu-Ray UHD version available on the internet or significantly worse? Is it worth it just for the extra real estate on the top and bottom?

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