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[#] Thu Dec 23 2021 19:42:46 MST from rss <>

Subject: Fitgirl 13-17GB more than the original game?

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I know I'm downloading a version with DLCs included though 13-17GB DLCs content is doubtful. Even Ark survival evolved all DLCs bunched up together makes 5-6GB.

Why is that?

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[#] Thu Dec 23 2021 20:07:34 MST from rss <>

Subject: 3d movies piracy

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I want to build myself a home cinema and i thought about getting a 3d projector for it. Does anyone know where or if there is a platform for it? ( sry for my bad english)

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[#] Thu Dec 23 2021 20:59:15 MST from rss <>

Subject: Made ISO with office tool, but it wont deploy unless internet access

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I have the office tool which you can use to create an selective office package for example excel or powerpoint only which i did and after making the ISO which is around a GB it would not deploy while i was disconnected from the internet

Is there anyway around this?

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[#] Thu Dec 23 2021 21:24:34 MST from rss <>

Subject: Does anyone else crack/apply cracks to games they legally own?

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Because I do, at least when modifying them, or trying to fix a bug, as when I'm not testing something that's related to Steam, Steam becomes nothing but a massive amount of overhead, and a general annoyance. Far quicker to pull up a terminal, launch the game without going through any of Steam's nonsense, or dealing with its sluggishness. Would it kill Valve to optimize it?

(Disclaimer: I'm not talking about games with some strong DRM like Denuvo here, incase anyone reads this and gets that into their head. I hope to be able to do that one day, but as of now I can't.)

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[#] Thu Dec 23 2021 21:35:26 MST from rss <>

Subject: How do I download boom 3d cracked version?

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I followed all the instructions and it worked it showed up as a full version but I always get stuck on endless setup while I try to use it

I turn on the app it runs for a bit and then the updater closes it (basically an infinite loop and the updater doesn't do anything just turns off the program)

I tried deleting it but it always reapers

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[#] Thu Dec 23 2021 22:30:03 MST from rss <>

Subject: List of 18000 decryption keys for Amazon Prime Video movies

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Includes VBR keys (audio) and CBR (1080p video or otherwise best available resolution)

It is in alphabetical order, all around about 18k titles. Some are from normal primevideo, others from channels. Most are of course ripped already, but there are bound to be some that aren't yet.

This was collected over the course of a month, don't ask how. Posting from a throwaway account for obvious reasons.

Base64 link: aHR0cHM6Ly9maWxlcy5jYXRib3gubW9lLzAwOXU2bC50eHQ=


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[#] Thu Dec 23 2021 23:14:13 MST from rss <>

Subject: Best emulation image for x64 architecture?

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I don't think this is allowed on /r/emulation, that's why I'm asking here.

I have a laptop that I would like to use as a portable emulation console. I also have an old 750 GB HDD that I'm not using and I would like to know which are the best premade images to fill the drive. I would like an image that doesn't include everything or the best of the best but something in the middle, like everything above a 6 out of 10 or something like that.

There are plenty of videos on youtube about images for the raspberry pi but I haven't found anything on x64 architecture.

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[#] Thu Dec 23 2021 23:51:31 MST from rss <>

Subject: The consequence of Corporate Greed.

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[#] Fri Dec 24 2021 00:01:09 MST from rss <>

Subject: Got a bitching desktop but when I try to emulate MacOS Big Sur, it’s somewhat slow when I put 16GB of RAM to it?

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I have a AMD CPU with a NVIDIA GPU. What can I do here, boys? What version would it be better to virtualize? Catalina? Mojave?

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[#] Fri Dec 24 2021 02:00:22 MST from rss <>

Subject: What is going on?

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I've been in this scene a long time.

I know we've had some bad and good times but is this the downfall of piracy apks or is it just another bad time.

I remember when showbox got bad, I remember when terrarian died but since the start of covid things have gotten a lot worse.

Cyberflix isn't great anymore. I thought cinema was ok but since last week things have started to get a lot worse for example I only got 2 streams for the amazing spiderman (2012). No streams for the Simpsons S29E01. This was on a brand new fire stick (bought today and network is 500mb/s) I have RD and it works great but but this is for my friend. Is there any app that still works well.

Kodi is good but annoying because add-ons can change and my friend won't know what to do.

Titanium isn't good.

Same with typhoon TV.

BeeTV and teaTV are good but they don't have the function to disable providers because there is always a provide advertising some gambling site or a stream with foreign subtitles.

Is piracy dying or is there something I'm missing.

Thanks for the help I know the Devs our a lot of work into these apps and don't get paid much.

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[#] Fri Dec 24 2021 03:11:23 MST from rss <>

Subject: Nintendo switch pro controller problem...

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I'm currently trying to use my controller to play sekiro from fitgirl repacks. It seems like when i launch sekiro using steam, steam doesn't connect to the game at all, therefore my controller doesn't work in the game. I've tried disabling desktop controller configuration in big picture mode, etc. While trying to figure out a solution, i played overcooked all you can eat! (legit game from steam; have played with controller in past, and works), it would recognize my controller as a keyboard (maybe this is the problem with non-steam games??). While the problem of overcooked is present, when it tried launching terraria (game i own in steam), it gives me an error that the game must be launched in steam client, and unrailed! (game i actually own) doesn't launch at all as well. When i restarted steam, i was able to launch every game i legitimately own, and having steam connected with my controller working. I also tried launching a pirated game, (Cuphead) and i am assuming it's confusing my controller with my keyboard, because it constantly inputs random buttons without me touching the controller/ my keyboard at all. Another pirated game, (attack on titan wings of freedom) i used to play with a controller in steam worked in the past, (trying to redownload and test it). I've also tried disabling windows defender (the only anti virus i use).

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[#] Fri Dec 24 2021 03:05:10 MST from rss <>

Subject: Is there a consensus on the best sites for streaming tv shows and movies?

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I got two questions, is there a consensus on the best sites for streaming tv shows and movies and are the sites in the wiki page all safe to use in terms of not getting any virus/malware? I know the wiki lists sites but I am sure there are some that are better than others. Thank you

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[#] Fri Dec 24 2021 03:45:18 MST from rss <>

Subject: Can the Oculus Quest 2 find out that you are playing pirated games via steamvr?

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Can the Oculus Quest 2 find out that you are playing pirated games via steamvr? I was planning on pirating Boneworks and adding it to my steam library. I don't know if your Oculus Quest 2 can find out your playing it with a Oculus Link cable?

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[#] Fri Dec 24 2021 03:42:32 MST from rss <>

Subject: Youtube Premium into userscript?

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Youtube is currently testing a new feature where there is a graph just above the slider when you seek that shows which parts of the video is viewed the most and is available only for Youtube Premium users for now. They say it will only be available until January. Is it possible to make a script for this even without Youtube Premum or beyond January?

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[#] Fri Dec 24 2021 03:38:30 MST from rss <>

Subject: Windows 10 kms question

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I bought my computer to my uncle and i noticed that he already had activaded windows with kms auto, the problem is that i dont know where he downloaded it, and my question is,1. How much the o.s can be compromised?, 2. should i reinstall windows just to be sure that i dont have malware because of it?, 3. And if i need, how do i do it?

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[#] Fri Dec 24 2021 04:45:28 MST from rss <>

Subject: Best place to find Nintendo Switch download codes?

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I lost a bunch of my cartridges and have no idea where they may be, seeing as I already own the products I'm looking for a good way to just get a download code without modding my Switch

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[#] Fri Dec 24 2021 04:59:53 MST from rss <>

Subject: Damn you third-party file-sharing sites! Although, Mediafire has been solid!

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[#] Fri Dec 24 2021 04:17:29 MST from rss <>

Subject: Where to watch Matrix Resurrections?

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Cinema HD just have the theater version (sucks) Aston Cine have the same, Basically all the good flix apps commonly known just have the same version. I’m sure someone already download the HBOMax movie already, I mean cmon you can even videoscreenshot that on your laptop and get a better version than the one is running everywhere. Any info?

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[#] Fri Dec 24 2021 01:01:53 MST from rss <>

Subject: Different problems, one solution.

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[#] Fri Dec 24 2021 08:15:48 MST from rss <>

Subject: Magnet Links Youtube Channel

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This is the simplest way to download a movie. Just copy and paste the magnet link in your browser and that will open torrent software. I will be posting random movies here and even movie collections (magnet links in notepad file). You can also request movies in comments. YTS is a trusted source, these are YTS magnet links so they are 100% safe. No ads, No software, don't have to visit a website just copy and paste the link.

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