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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 13:55:16 MST from rss <>

Subject: Don’t get your piracy tips from TikTok

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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 14:09:21 MST from rss <>

Subject: Trying to run a pirated copy of Celeste, but I keep getting hit with the same error...

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Here is the exact error message I keep getting. In the last lines, it seems like it's trying to indicate it thinks one of the files, CSteamworks.dll, is a virus. Anyway I could get that fixed?

Anyways, leaving the error message here

"Monocle Engine Error Log

2022-01-09 3:03:20 PM

System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'CSteamworks': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E) at Steamworks.NativeMethods.SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary(AppId_t unOwnAppID) at Celeste.Celeste.Main(String[] args) Ver

04/09/2021 22:33:50 System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Monocle.Engine.UpdateView() at Monocle.Engine.OnClientSizeChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e) at System.EventHandler`1.Invoke(Object sender, TEventArgs e) at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GameWindow.OnClientSizeChanged() at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameWindow.mainForm_UserResized(Object sender, EventArgs e) at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameForm.OnUserResized(Boolean forceEvent) at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameForm.EndScreenDeviceChange(StringscreenDeviceName, Int32 clientWidth, Int32 clientHeight) at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameWindow.EndScreenDeviceChange(StringscreenDeviceName, Int32 clientWidth, Int32 clientHeight) at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GraphicsDeviceManager.ChangeDevice(Boolean forceCreate) at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GraphicsDeviceManager.Microsoft.Xna.Framework.IGraphicsDeviceManager.CreateDevice() at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.RunGame(Boolean useBlockingRun) at Monocle.Engine.RunWithLogging()

04/09/2021 22:32:45

System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'CSteamworks': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E) at Steamworks.NativeMethods.SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary(AppId_t unOwnAppID) at Celeste.Celeste.Main(String[] args)

04/09/2021 22:31:16

System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'CSteamworks': Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800700E1) at Steamworks.NativeMethods.SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary(AppId_t unOwnAppID) at Celeste.Celeste.Main(String[] args)"

pls thx

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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 14:24:19 MST from rss <>

Subject: [Did DuckDuckGo just blacklist Youtube?](

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Doesn't show anything with youtube to me anymore, but if I type in " youtub " or " "youtube" downloader " it somehow works. Anybody else having this issue?

submitted by /u/CrackJunky
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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 14:48:20 MST from rss <>

Subject: RG91YmxlTmVnYXRpdmU= (Base64 Decode) downloads are slow

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Just as the title says. Is the site slow or it a me problem? (I've tried the CORS disabler without any success...)

submitted by /u/fet-kitty
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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 15:15:04 MST from rss <>

Subject: Spotify unpaid alternatives? Does Spotify++ still exist?

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After a bad experience with Spotify's garbage customer service (if you can believe it, it's impossible to talk to an actual person, just a bot) I decided to forgo paying for Spotify and go for a pirate alternative.

I heard of Spotify++ but it seems to have vanished from the internet. Does it still exist? How hard do I need to search for it? Are there more programs like it?

submitted by /u/Greddit_420
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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 15:11:25 MST from rss <>

Subject: Can you pirate a vpn

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Can you pirate a vpn, and if u can where from?

submitted by /u/komita4ever
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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 15:10:05 MST from rss <>

Subject: Best places for college football games?

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Looking for full length games to get me through the off-season

submitted by /u/agent_kay_6224
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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 15:01:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: Create an IPTV from an android box

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Ok so I got a cheap Android box from Tunisia that had a year of subscription included with it but the app is really not that good (UI, responsiveness or the catalogue, etc).

I figured there are probably better options, I've seen people mention things like KODI etc but the guides I find are mostly directed for servers (this thing probably doesn't have much storage and is using android anyway).

Is there a guide to setup your own IPTV in a way, on an android box without much storage?

Or am I better off finding a better IPTV app and paying for that? And if so, what are the best options atm?

Thanks in advance

submitted by /u/RSEscander
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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 14:45:53 MST from rss <>

Subject: Are there any uncensored video uploading sites out there?

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Liveleak, although not completely uncensored, closed down recently. So are there any other uncensored (or close to uncensored) video uploading sites out there?

submitted by /u/Hvilke
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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 15:23:30 MST from rss <>

Subject: I use steam unlocked. It's a pirate website for video games. I used it without much problems, but i saw when i entered here so much of these websites that are "better" and more "secure" like this github. I never heard of it and i was wanderering if my website is safe and if i should switch to github

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Can someone advise me? I Know of pirate bay but i dont usually install from there cus everything i need is on steamunlocked.

submitted by /u/birdman443
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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 15:49:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: How to use fitgirl repacks?

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Someone told me to check the megathread, and I cant find any tutorial on using fitgirl repacks.

Basically, Im a complete newbie with 0 knowledge of torrenting, what do I do exactly?

submitted by /u/Financial_Ratio5758
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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 15:48:03 MST from rss <>

Subject: Searching for old Win mobile software

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I'm searching for an app that used to work on Windows Mobile, but the website I used to dl from is dead, and even with WayBack Machine the links are obviously dead (F for Megaupload).

submitted by /u/Insane96MCP
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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 15:44:28 MST from rss <>

Subject: [Beat Saber Steam] There's anyway to use pirated DLCs with purchased game?

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I've found a 2 years old thread but talked about the Oculus version and not the Steam one.

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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 16:17:13 MST from rss <>

Subject: The Streaming-Service nightmare

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The advent of streaming services has made it impossible to watch something specific, without paying a predatory monthly subscription. Nowadays, everything is so scattered amongst platforms that when you can't rent something, you have to sign your soul away to the latest company making their own Quasi-Netflix. When it is available, it'll probably disappear in a month because of licencing, or become region-locked. It's ridiculous.

So my question, is that when consumers have to navigate such a hell-like maze to access a movie digitally, why wouldn't they resort to piracy? As Gaben said, it's simply a better service for the consumer. Right now, it saves the headache of bush-bashing through this this corporate money-grabbing and gets someone from point A (wanting content) to point B (receiving said content). In my opinion, piracy will thrive until this gets better.

submitted by /u/kaptein_nemo
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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 16:31:07 MST from rss <>

Subject: Just a heads up for anyone downloading from "". Beware!

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I know no piracy site is 100% safe. I'm just posting this as a heads up for anyone downloading stuff from this site. Especially the specific software mentioned below, and maybe to not DL stuff from specific uploader.

Found in the links Megathread. Carefully looked through some software for a Bandicam version download. Decided on Bandicam (X64) based on some of the download comments. After the EXTREMELY slow ass download from Rapidgator, I scanned it with Windows Defender. And it found "Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!rfn". ! So beware when downloading from here.

And this is why any smart person ALWAYS runs an AV scan, and NOT just blindly run something as soon as it's downloaded. Looking this thing up, it appears it's some nasty ass BC miner.

Is there a list of Uploaders to AVOID for this specific site? On the description page for said application, it shows "b/mordigian - 5 months ago" at the top. Don't know if that's the uploader or just the one writing the application description. On the previous page where all the different versions are shown, under this specific version it shows "Posted by warez&free in Applications".

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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 17:12:07 MST from rss <>

Subject: think robin think

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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 17:10:34 MST from rss <>

Subject: Will stremio give me a virus?

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If I just simply watch a movie using stremio and uTorrent, will that give me a virus? How about downloading?

Obviously don't download an exe but yeah. Thanks!

submitted by /u/WantMeNot
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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 17:25:57 MST from rss <>

Subject: Minecraft story mode

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I wanna get Minecraft story mode on iOS but it was delisted. Anyway to get it I do have a pc but don’t know what to do

submitted by /u/Randumbweeb
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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 17:23:56 MST from rss <>

Subject: Where can I stream battlebots latest season for free online?dint find it in the wiki links

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I wanna watch it online

submitted by /u/cbsekimaro
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[#] Sun Jan 09 2022 17:15:38 MST from rss <>

Subject: Alright guys, need your help, I dont think I've ever had this issue until I started using Bittorent. Two of my torrents, one is stuck at 99.6% & the other is stuck at 99.9%. I got my utorrent & qbittorent full of active torrents that I cant download right now, & it's not realistic to pause the.....

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hundreds of active torrents that arent paused in those two, so I just use a different torrent client when I need to download something new & when I cant use those current torrent clients. That method has been working great. I only use bittorent for the temporary time being, been working great so far until now. The 99.9 has 512 hashfails & is 1.66GB large & has one seeder. The 99.6 has 2 hashfails, zero seeders & is 8GB's large, but the seeder count changes often, these torrents downloaded quick within a day or two. I dont really understand this complex advanced problem. So not sure what to do, I did do a lot of research, fyi. I've read that redownloading the torrent can help or checkmarking some type of setting. But not sure, & I really really dont want to redownload GB's of data again when I'm already at 99%. Really reluctant to do that. Also the 99.6% torrent keeps saying it's downloading data & that it has 20 seconds left till it will be finished but it often gets stuck saying this & it will even reach to zero seconds left but then it goes back up again or changes to the ∞ infinite sign.

Also, separately, I've heard that Bittorent & utorrent may not be secure to use? they leak? And qbittorent is safest? I tried to use transmission but it doesnt allow proxy passwords.


submitted by /u/_Luke__Skywalker__
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