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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 08:57:33 MST from rss <>

Subject: Are DV encodes without loss in quality?

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I remember I read somewhere that encoding DV loses some quality because it's statis and not dynamic or whatever. I see a lot of 4k DV releases popping up, are they now true DV?

I'm talking about encodes, not remuxes btw.

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 10:53:37 MST from rss <>

Subject: Somewhere out there are 11 legends seeding the oldest torrent on rarbg. This is a shout out to you, my top notch bitches.

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 10:51:16 MST from rss <>

Subject: How do I get smart steam emu to work???

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I downloaded left 4 dead 2 from fit girl and smart steam emu from another site. My friends have the same settings as me. I did the online key thing, and enabled online play, but it just won't find the servers that me or my friends make.

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 10:48:42 MST from rss <>

Subject: How do I get smart steam emu to work??

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I have downloaded left 4 dead 2 from fit girl and I also downloaded smart steam emu from the net and pasted it. I have "enabled online play" and gave an online key however it's still not working. My friends have the same settings. It just doesn't connect to the internet no matter what.

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 10:45:14 MST from rss <>

Subject: Not getting an activation email for multiup

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I tried to create an account for multiup using gmail but I didnt get an activation mail, then I tried again with another gmail but I didnt get an activation mail that time either. What do I do?

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 11:39:39 MST from rss <>

Subject: Wrong download file size (possible virus maybe?).

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I use a mp3 dowloading service (not providing link for obvious reasons), to convert YT vids to mp3, and I noticed that 1 song file while it was downloading it had a progress bar of 2.82 MB.

Problem is when the file was fully downloaded it ended up having 2.96 MB size. Could this mean the file had added malicious code in it or something similar?

Edit: I use also an adblock browser, so i wont have problems with ads or dangerous pop ups.

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 11:33:39 MST from rss <>

Subject: How do i get content from youtube's join button

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Hello guys how to get content from youtube's channel exclusive join button .

submitted by /u/Fit-Speech
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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 13:09:19 MST from rss <>

Subject: I’m trying to find a comic series I’m wanting to download but everything is against me

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I found a torrent for it on 1337x and ThePirateBay but qBitTorrent is having a hangover, the downloads for it on are dead, and I can’t find any other reliable comic downloading sites that have it

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 13:04:00 MST from rss <>

Subject: How to play Call of duty World at War Cracked

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It's been quite a while since I posted my first guide on how to get Hamachi to work with World at war. Because a lot of you seem to not know how to get cod waw cracked working, this will be a guide on how to get Cod WaW cracked working and which files to install for mods.

If you have any questions, DM me, I reply fast (If I don't, I am sleeping, gaming, or exercising because I have a lot of stress from university. Freshman year is tough). Also, some Q&A questions are written at the very bottom of the post to answer some questions I have been asked before.

1.) I have uploaded this file onto media fire so that all you have to do is drag and drop. What you have to do is to unzip them and then place them in the location where you have the game stored. This file is from media fire so it shouldn't be hard to figure out when downloading. Also, download 7zip if you already don't have it.

I am sorry I cannot provide the game files as that posting with the entire game would remove the post entirely and that is not what I want. You are expected to have the game already installed from wherever cracked website you got it from. Although, you can dm me and I can see what I can do so that we can figure something out.

Patch files - 5.28 Mb (7zip file)

2.) Once you have downloaded the zip file, unzip the Patch files zip

3.) Next, you want to take a look inside. You will see a few files in there.

4.) Once you take a look inside, understand what these files will do. I will explain here.

-Patch for cod waw Lan co-op: This file will allow you to play with the hamachi guide I have linked above. This will also allow you to go to a friend's house and play on a Lan network. There is no official way to play online on a cracked game unless you do the Hamachi guide.

-T4M r45 [Release]: Ignore this file unless you have a legitimate copy. If you have a legitimate copy, you can find other tutorials out there which are easier.

-T4M Fixed r41: This file allows you to play maps that require T4M on cod waw custom zombies (T4m maps are heavily modified maps that override the original game with custom weapons, sound effects, special effects, and more). This file also allows you to play Lan co-op on T4M maps which T4M r45 does not allow (they have an online DRM system in r45 that prevents cracked copies from not working in co-op).

5.) Take/copy the contents (not the folder, the files inside) of Patch for cod waw Lan co-op and drag/drop it into the root of where you have your Cod Waw game stored. If it asks you "do you want to replace these files" say yes and replace them.

6.) Now take a look at the contents of T4M fixed r41 and only take the d3d9.dll file. Once you have copied the file, place/paste it into the root of where you have your Cod waw game stored. If it prompts you the "do you want to replace this file" say yes and replace it.

7.) Now you have all of the files to start the game. Start the game. If you get an error talking about the d3d11 error or any error, you need to download direct x. Here is the link for direct x download.

If you just wanted to play the original game without mods, this is where the tutorial ends for you. Refer to the Hamachi guide up above to be able to play Lan co-op using hamachi. But if you want mods, stick for a little longer.

Beyond this is the mod/maps portion of the game

8.) You need to create a mods folder in this directory OS > users > (username) > AppData {if it doesn't show up click on "view" at the top of the file explorer and checkmark the "hidden items" part to reveal it}. > local > Activision (if the folder is not there, that means that you need to start the game first and then exit so that it creates the folder). > CodWaW > create the mods folder.

If the folder is already there, leave it. Inside the mods folder is where you will install the maps and mods.

9.) To play modded maps, you need to download some modded maps. UGX mods is a site where thousands of modders upload their work. You can also download maps from there. Call of duty repo is also another place to find maps to download from (this has pictures as well so it is very convenient). Zommods is a bit complicated to navigate through but it also has maps as well.

UGX mods home page navigate to the top where it says "forum" > World at war >custom maps/mod tools > map releases. {Take a look at mod releases as well because they have some really fun mods}. If you see UGX on some of the forums, this means that it will use mods that UGX has made & you can play it solo but not in co-op as it has a DRM that R41 cannot bypass.

Call of duty Repo

Zommods Home page

10.) Once you have downloaded your map of choice, click on the .exe file ( I don't know why it is in a .exe format but I assure you that these do not have viruses on them if you are skeptical, here is Virus total to check them out). Go through the process that it prompts you to and then once, finished, start the game. Go into the mods part of the menu and you should see the map there.

11.) Double click on the mod and then it will turn your screen black because it is loading the map. A custom menu should pop up telling you that you can start the map.

If you are loading a mod, load the mod and then the default menu should open. Go find the normal maps and choose the map that the mod is designed for.

12.) Finished.

Questions I have been asked before.

1.) Q: Can I play with people who have a legitimate copy?

A: Sadly no. If you have a legitimate copy, all of you need a legitimate copy. If you have a cracked copy, all of you need a cracked copy.

2.) Q: How much time did it take you to figure this all out?

A: I would guess 2 entire weeks of testing, failing, and testing again (don't worry, I sleep on time and get 10 hours of sleep. So I am not sleep deprived). I actually completed this 9 months ago but my lazy ass never decided to make a post about this. I plan to make a video as well.

3.) Q: Did you figure this all out on your own?

A: Sort of. The files themselves were taken from youtube videos and people from other forums. I just downloaded, tested, and kept testing until I got the result that I want.

4.) Q: Why did you make this post?

A: The amount of hours spent getting to this moment is stupid. No person should have to go through I went through to be able to play a decade-old game with lan. I also have friends that watched Vanoss who played custom zombies and always wondered if I could do that so that my friends and I could play them at my house.

5.) Q: Some of the maps are not showing up when I play co-op! Please help.

A: Some maps like this one Zombie airport require you to go into the "campaign" portion when selecting the map you want to play when playing co-op. You should find the checkerboard-looking map in the campaign section. And when you want to start the map solo, you need to press the tilde key and type in "devmap_nazi_zombie_airport." Take a look at this youtube video for better reference.

6.) Q: Will you do Black ops 1 as well?

A: Yes. Most definitely will. Just give me some time. I already completed it and tested it but need more testing to finalize that it 100% works on a cracked copy.

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 13:36:17 MST from rss <>

Subject: What do you tell your kids about "the server"?

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Their friends are eventually going to ask a probing question that I can't answer without pleading the 5th.

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 13:45:40 MST from rss <>

Subject: Cries in roms πŸ’«

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 14:09:59 MST from rss <>

Subject: RIAA Discards EFF's YouTube-DL Letter, Notes That it 'Regularly Sides With Infringers'

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 15:05:00 MST from rss <>

Subject: what does the hc stand for in hc cam

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it's from a of a film

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 15:33:39 MST from rss <>

Subject: Does anybody know how to enroll or view any udemy course for free?

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Is there a way to watch udemy courses for free?

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 15:29:43 MST from rss <>

Subject: Is there some kind of hack or workaround to get youtube premium's higher quality audio without paying? It comes with 256 AAC, while the regular (free) version is only 128 AAC. Sort of how there is adblock for Chrome to watch youtube without ads, is there a free way to upgrade the audio quality?

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 17:05:01 MST from rss <>

Subject: Can Pirated comics (in CBR format) have same Kindle App experience?

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Hi All,

Have downloaded some comics which were in CBR format and then converted to MOBI format using CALIBRE to send it to my Kindle ID, for me to open it in the Kindle App.

Since, I'm using Android and not a Tablet, the screen size is relatively small and the above converted comic is just not having the Kindle App experience (Like navigating between panels and not just pages) which one normally get if rented or bought from the Kindle Store (Even the sample download of that particular comic in Kindle Store has this Kindle App experience)

Also, there is an old post with some app suggestions but it was 2 years ago.

So, just wanted to know if there is any workaround available now to make the above thing possible in Kindle App or I've to go for another App and whether those suggested apps allow one to navigate the panels in the comics instead of having to double tap for zoom and manually scroll top and bottom of the page in the comics

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 16:58:50 MST from rss <>

Subject: Adobe please 😭😭

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 18:21:26 MST from rss <>

Subject: What do people consider to be the best browser when downloading torrents/ISOs from websites?

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I'm currently downloading some games (early 00s stuff so not too heavy on my wifi) from OldGamesDownload and I'm using Brave, but I swear it's slower than other browsers I've used previously. What do people use here and which do they think is the fastest for downloading torrents, ISOs and zip files in general?

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 19:55:40 MST from rss <>

Subject: I'm curious . . .

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What is the first thing you pirated? What did it feel like getting something for free for the first time? Please share me your memories, thanks!😘😁

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[#] Mon Jan 24 2022 19:55:15 MST from rss <>

Subject: Question for the people who still DOWNLOAD MUSIC.

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Whats the point of doing that when we have all these "new" streaming services like spotify or deezer?

I am actually curious about that, because for me it makes no sense.

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