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[#] Fri Jan 28 2022 21:05:44 MST from rss <>

Subject: What are some sites for watching sports streams on 4K Samsung Tv?

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So far Streameast and Solaris are my go to

submitted by /u/Trigger_Tears
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[#] Fri Jan 28 2022 21:01:52 MST from rss <>

Subject: Request reseed on dead RARBG torrent

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I’m stuck on a torrent that’s dead at 98% along with ~10 other people. It’s one of those season torrents that RARBG makes, and the individual files aren’t listed. The files inside the torrent have different naming from the season torrent. The comments are locked following a comment about making sure your player supports Dolby Vision (it’s the profile 5 vs 7 problem).

Is there an IRC channel/Discord/etc where RARBG people hang out and I can ask someone to reseed? I’d be more than happy to take over seeding. I’m not in any private trackers apart from a small one which doesn’t have this release.

I found an alternate release for this season on PreDB but I only found some of them on a Usenet indexer, and they’re sadly not the ones that my torrent is missing.

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[#] Fri Jan 28 2022 21:23:05 MST from rss <>

Subject: Did furk finally die?

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Has anyone heard anything about furk being down?

submitted by /u/Grand-Baseball-5441
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[#] Fri Jan 28 2022 21:46:36 MST from rss <>

Subject: could a game from steamunlocked damage my pc?

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i have just downloaded tech corp from steamunlocked and when i run the game, windows gives me a warning. so is it dangerous?

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[#] Fri Jan 28 2022 21:43:01 MST from rss <>

Subject: Downloading from a specific site

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I watch a few shows on a site called wco . tv, probably heard of it. However my current app on my phone doesn't work to download the videos from it. Most websites are scams or straight up don't work, wondering if anybody has an app or website/computer app that'd work for it? Thanks in advance and if anybody can't help that's fine too.

submitted by /u/RosettaTea
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[#] Fri Jan 28 2022 22:05:20 MST from rss <>

Subject: Can't go full-screen on any piracy sites?

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I'm on mobile, whenever I go to any movie streaming site and go full-screen chrome will crash. Anybody know a fix for this?

submitted by /u/l-W-lI
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[#] Fri Jan 28 2022 22:17:23 MST from rss <>

Subject: Is there a way to crack in app purchases of microsoft uwp apps ?

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Cheat engines seem to allow modifying very specific memory values and that too those which are visible to the user such as coins in games etc. But is there something like a licensing server or a modified windows store that can intercept the billing and validate payments, sort of like lucky patcher for android ?

submitted by /u/AnonymousCat12345
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[#] Fri Jan 28 2022 22:08:39 MST from rss <>

Subject: Where is there to go now?

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I’ve fallen out of collecting movies and shows via torrents since TPB went defunct and of course the rise in streaming services, so is there some place like TPB to get shows and (comics)?

submitted by /u/spellavis113
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[#] Fri Jan 28 2022 22:25:02 MST from rss <>

Subject: What’s going on with IPtorrents?

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I checked IPtorrents with a down detector site, it indicated that the server had been down for over 2 days.

I tried a few mirror sites, but no luck.

Does anyone know what is going on with it? I haven’t seen any news, and this is peculiar for this site.

submitted by /u/anton-sug4r
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[#] Fri Jan 28 2022 22:32:26 MST from rss <>

Subject: Having difficulties finding "behind the scene" contact

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I often use RARBG for movies, but having difficulties finding "behind the scene" extras.

Do you have any suggestion of which Uploader include such content?
Should I choose a particular category (Full BD - Remux)?

Or on which site I will find more material?

Thank you all!

submitted by /u/Scoytan
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[#] Fri Jan 28 2022 22:45:02 MST from rss <>

Subject: How to Get Rid of Hard Paywalls on Articles?

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I was trying the methods in this thread but none of them worked for me. I also tried both Bypass Paywalls Clean and Hover but neither of those extensions worked either. Furthermore, I checked Bug Me Not if there were any logins but there were not.

This is the article I'm trying to fully access. Part of it appears but not the whole thing. If anyone can help me out here, I'd really appreciate it.

submitted by /u/ilikecupcakes123
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[#] Fri Jan 28 2022 22:50:50 MST from rss <>

Subject: Anyone know a Quick way to scan a textbook with a phone camera Aside from paid services? Also what is a good program for ocr?

[Reply] [ReplyQuoted] [Headers] [Print] I would like any tips that are faster then this method tho I don't think any exists.

submitted by /u/ExoticZaWarold
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[#] Fri Jan 28 2022 23:15:50 MST from rss <>

Subject: Does anyone know how I can get crossover for mac

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Hi there

so pretty much i have been using legit crossover but with plist editor pro but the bottles expired so i need to get a cracked version tnt cracks version does not work is there any alternatives thanks!

submitted by /u/WhyBlameAdam
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[#] Sat Jan 29 2022 00:31:05 MST from rss <>

Subject: Twitter Now 'Rejects' Most Copyright Takedown Requests

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[#] Sat Jan 29 2022 00:28:14 MST from rss <>

Subject: Newbie Question

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Hi, I am new in Piracy and I understand that we need to use VPN to protect our identity. Related to this, I just want to ask the following question as stated below.

  1. I am using windscribe vpn as of the moment, is it enough or any vpn is better? For a casual internet user with this activities - Reddit, youtube, facebook, mobile games and into piracy newly.

  2. Does VPN hide my download speed? (sorry not sure with the term) but just want to hide my activities and download speed since I am using my company's network with only one not-so technical person who monitors and operate our network.

  3. Lastly, any tips for newbies would be appreciated.
    Thank you!

submitted by /u/jomari013
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[#] Sat Jan 29 2022 00:46:38 MST from rss <>

Subject: I'd say I'm more "Ahoy, matey!", but that works, too.

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[#] Sat Jan 29 2022 00:36:00 MST from rss <>

Subject: Occamy.CD4 Trojan detected after installing elamigos crack

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Is this a false positive or is it somethings I should worry about

submitted by /u/TrulyBIG
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[#] Sat Jan 29 2022 01:20:17 MST from rss <>

Subject: I actually want to buy games for the first time in my life.

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...However, the games I want to play gouge you SO HARD with DLCs!

Take this game "Stellaris" I found a few years back. You can find it on Steam on sale for like $10 and when it hits that price you get a notification if it's in your wishlist.

Only after you look closer do you see that the very first release of the game is $10. The "ultimate bundle" is a spanking $224, "on sale" for $95 as of the time of this writing. It's apparently impossible to add bundles to the wishlist too, I'm certain that's a marketing ploy (get people in the door before hitting them with the big cost). All of the DLC they have added to it look like one thing to me: you released an incomplete game. You had all of these ideas for what this game should look like in the end and you decided to rip people off instead of finishing the game the first time around.

Like I get it, it's an indie model where you gotta get value going as fast as you can so that you can afford to develop further, but come on. There are other games that release from indies that just include any updates they make for free, increasing the value of the product you already bought.

I would also understand if it were like Starcraft 2 and you get essentially a whole new game after the completely different plot direction and an immense amount of content. That didn't happen here. They're just little tweaks to the functionality.

It's still a decent game and I would buy it in a heartbeat now that I have a bit of extra money (for the first time ever in my life). I just don't feel like getting totally ripped off, you know? Sorry, I don't usually rant but it's super annoying-- and really disappointing. I WANT to support the programmers!

submitted by /u/earthceltic
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[#] Sat Jan 29 2022 01:18:28 MST from rss <>

Subject: Looking for comics

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Hi, anyone know or have a way to get some comics? I had like 7 years worth of comics saves on an hdd that I had torrwnted years ago but the drive (which was the backup) I'd dead. I'm looking to get saga or fables

submitted by /u/6amp
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[#] Sat Jan 29 2022 01:16:45 MST from rss <>

Subject: If I wanted to contact a seeder. How could I do that?

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The original torrent I downloaded has 4 seeders and 2 leechers according to 1337. But after getting stuck for a week or so, additional research led me to another site that claims there are 6 leechers.

I think it's a shame to lose this download as it's a good version of a well-known movie and would like to contact a possible seeder to remedy the situation. Anyone has any ideas how I could get that done? I also find it quite frustrating that sites display incorrect seeding info.

submitted by /u/ElvisBerger
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