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[#] Sat Feb 05 2022 17:42:48 MST from rss <>

Subject: Whats up with these dumb tutorial videos with 100,000s of views ?

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Videos like these :

What the heck ?

One thing they have in common is they are all Indian, yet they have millions or almost million views.

Are they botting the views or is this real ?

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[#] Sat Feb 05 2022 17:53:59 MST from rss <>

Subject: Are there free alternatives to Google Sketchup that will work on MACOS Big Sur 11.5.2?

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My wife's laptop just updated and is saying her favorite program, Google Sketchup, is no longer working and won't let her update it without paying for it. She's very upset by this and I'm having difficulties finding a viable alternative for a similar program that's mainly for landscaping and doesn't cost $300+ a month.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

submitted by /u/Nowhereman50
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[#] Sat Feb 05 2022 17:58:05 MST from rss <>

Subject: PSA : Don't justify, don't engage

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I see many people already know this but for those who don't.Its time to learn.

It is my idea and in my best interest, and yours, to not interact with people who don't use their heads.People who repeat what they have been taught and never questioned anything.

That's why I am here first and foremost, because this community is smart and uses common sense.I go to some other community, ask a question, and get a reply asking me what do I need it for ?Question stemming from their sheer curiosity to know and kill some time with what some random on internet is interested in, not to help me.

Has that ever happened to you ?

Now you have these folks who come in here asking you why you pirate, like you are chained by their question and curiosity and you must answer.

No you fucking don't.

Same with feminists,cancel and victim culture.
Some people just don't have points to their lives and got nothing better to do.

Tell them to fuck off and move on with your life.

I will pirate until my nuts fall off.
I will pirate even if their stupid software was free.
I will pirate even if Angelina Jolie and Pamela Anderson suck on my nuts each while Megan Fox drains my pipe.

Why ?

Because fuck you, that's why.

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[#] Sat Feb 05 2022 17:55:19 MST from rss <>

Subject: There should be an AI that transforms camrips into the HD version

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An AI in order to learn always needs an input and a learning output, if the 'transformation' or 'difference' between the input and output is consistent within it's training material then as far as I know, for it to convert CAMRIPS into HD versions wouldn't be the thoughest thing for AI to tackle.

There are thousands of camrips just lying around the internet whose full HD movies have already been released, that means there is the input and the learning output. At least with higher quality camrips the transformation is almost always the same, shitty bass quality, a 'white film' that's over the whole film and slight chromatic aberration. A proper AI would identify those and more than likely a bunch more in the blink of an eye and with enough training, a tool like this would have the potential to revolutionize the online piracy industry.

submitted by /u/Endorfo
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[#] Sat Feb 05 2022 19:12:11 MST from rss <>

Subject: Activate Windows 10 Pro permanently with command batch?

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So I saw a three year old post about using a batch code on here to activate Windows. Everyone seemed to have a great time with it, some people even having success in 2021/2022, so I used it the only problem is I have Windows 10 Pro. The code can't activate it. It reads back "version not supported" I am wondering if someone has a version of this code that works for 10 Pro I really would appreciate it.

submitted by /u/Business_Insect_56
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[#] Sat Feb 05 2022 16:44:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: removing loaded scripts from johncena141 releases

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So I downloaded the God of War Linux Wine pack from johncena141. It runs fine.

But since I am a bit privacy focus (yes, I know I should run software that I do not know 100% how it works), can you help me remove the part of it that loads data from their guthub?

In the its this part:

export WINEPREFIX="$PWD/game/prefix"; RUMTRICKS="$PWD/game/"; WINETRICKS="$PWD/winetricks"; SYSWINETRICKS="$(command -v winetricks 2>/dev/null)"; export STAGING_SHARED_MEMORY=1; export WINE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE=1; export WINEDEBUG="fixme-all,warn-all"; export DXVK_FRAME_RATE=0; export DXVK_LOG_PATH=none; [ -n "$SYSWINETRICKS" ] && WINETRICKS=$SYSWINETRICKS && echo "using system winetricks" || echo "using github winetricks" && [ ! -x "$WINETRICKS" ] && curl -L "" -o winetricks && chmod +x winetricks && [ ! -x "$WINETRICKS" ] && echo -e "\e[91mCould not fetch winetricks and not installed in system\e[0m" && exit 1 [ ! -x "$RUMTRICKS" ] && curl -L "" -o game/ && chmod +x game/ 

Anyone know how to remove the part, where it downloads and the game will still run?


submitted by /u/IchBinEineFrage
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[#] Sat Feb 05 2022 19:57:53 MST from rss <>

Subject: Spotify MOD with download option

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Hey everyone,

I am using xmanager to stream spotify songs on my phone without having to pay. However, I can only listen online. Do you guys know of any spotify mods that could let me download my music directly. If not, do you guys know of any mods for other audio streaming apps that let you download and have a catalogue as rich as spotify's or close to it? Thanks.

submitted by /u/iyedontgivehead
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[#] Sat Feb 05 2022 20:38:59 MST from rss <>

Subject: YouTube client safe to sign in with?

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I've got YouTube premium and I'm fine paying for it but they've been really stupid in their implementation of paid content. If I pay to join membership for a channel, the member videos won't play picture in picture, nor in audio only, nor with the screen off. Is there a third party YouTube app that will work with paid videos to fix this and is there any danger to my account in signing in through that app?

Isn't it great to willingly pay for a product only to get worse service? /Sigh...

submitted by /u/mackadoo
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[#] Sat Feb 05 2022 21:03:25 MST from rss <>

Subject: KMS VL ALL AIO for office with legit windows, how to use?

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The text file says to press option 2 to do the automatic activation task and that it will ALSO activate office

With a legit windows, will that affect anything as the goal is to only activate the latest version of office

submitted by /u/xboxhaxorz
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[#] Sat Feb 05 2022 21:08:03 MST from rss <>

Subject: Minecraft pirating

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Is it possible to pirate minecraft bedrock because ive never seen anybody do that

submitted by /u/traperis
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[#] Sat Feb 05 2022 22:09:34 MST from rss <>

Subject: With so many games, media, books and streaming content emerging in the past 10 years, here’s some reasons NOT to pirate

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Sike. you should pirate because you’re greedy like me and don’t give a fuck

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[#] Sat Feb 05 2022 22:57:13 MST from rss <>

Subject: Cartoon network shows

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where can i find cartoon network shows? tyty for help

submitted by /u/Loading0987
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[#] Sat Feb 05 2022 23:16:04 MST from rss <>

Subject: German piracy is a joke

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I‘m not that kind of person but right now I can‘t stand it anymore. I just wanted to download Fifty Shades of Grey 2 in german and it‘s just waste of time. Every dll link means either I buy some kind of premium access or I download with 500kb/s. And the steaming sites, well, no matter what I do, I definitely can‘t airplay it on my TV. It‘s the same problem with other movies like John Wick 3, Top Gun and other movies. I really hate paying for movies and steaming services and the only thing I hate more is to waste my time. I just miss the time where I could find some Vivo link on every site and download the movie from Vivo. Fuck this shit!

Don‘t take it to serious. Maybe I‘m just frustrated because of this shitty week. Have a nice day.

submitted by /u/xDeepRedx
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[#] Sat Feb 05 2022 23:38:11 MST from rss <>

Subject: Repack games can I trust it.

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I recently found rack games and mi not sure to trust it and since for me it's somewhat similar to steam unlocked should I trust it? has there been any trouble in the past of this website that I should I know. ik the Mega thread exist, and this website isn't on it but with steam unlocked when they removed it after suspicious stuff, I still kept using it and I haven't gotten any malware so maybe this website isn't the bad, I just want to know for anyone that knows about the website and used it before.

submitted by /u/Me_Angel_No
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[#] Sun Feb 06 2022 00:55:04 MST from rss <>

Subject: How do I make an epub file? Pls

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Hey, hope this is the right place to post. Apologies if not.

I bought a book which wasn't anywhere else online. I bought it on kobo. I was misinformed that id get an epub file.

I don't like the kobo reader. It's slow and ugly and full of adverts for other books. My chosen reader looks and acts like an actual book.

But my entire library are epub and my reader is ios on an ipad tablet.

So I wish to transfer the book I own from kobo on android to my iOS generic reader... which means I need to make it into an epub.

  • Is it possible to make an epub on my android phone or do I need to do all this on a pc ?

  • Either way can and how can I do this ? please


submitted by /u/ilivedownyourroad
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[#] Sun Feb 06 2022 00:38:57 MST from rss <>

Subject: Comic ripping guide?

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I’ve searched the guides and FAQ and mega thread and I’m not seeing a guide on how to rip comics. Sorry if I am missing it. Specifically I’m looking for how to rip from DC’s and Marvel’s website. On Chrome I know how to inspect and get to sources, but I’m having trouble finding the actual image. There’s a lot of info and sub folders in that window. Also, I’m curious if there is an easier way. Thanks!

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[#] Sun Feb 06 2022 01:43:34 MST from rss <>

Subject: I'm looking where to find moves right after release

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I'm looking to find where I can watch movies right after release as in yesterday. You'd make my year if you can send me in the right direction (remove if too specific)

submitted by /u/Moist_Temperature_75
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[#] Sun Feb 06 2022 02:22:56 MST from rss <>

Subject: I'm not sure if this question fits here but...

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I have a some of questions regarding piracy and languages: Does Russian have a lot of pirated content/reaource? What are the languages most used for piracy, that have more resources, aside english?

submitted by /u/throwawayyy5555555
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[#] Sun Feb 06 2022 02:43:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: always have a usb flashed with your os

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i've been pirating video games more and i accidentally installed a virus through a popup. i thankfully had a usb drive with windows on it, saving my computer

submitted by /u/BaseInteresting8926
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[#] Sun Feb 06 2022 02:50:59 MST from rss <>

Subject: Why is 1337x showing seeders when the trackers that have them aren't working for me?

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I'm trying to download some torrents. This is the tracker list from one of them:

udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// 

Only opentrackr is available and it only has leechers (it also keeps timing out). Some of the trackers seem to be pingable and I find it a little hard to believe that all but one of these trackers have vanished.

I'm using Deluge 2.0.5 as downloaded from their PPA. I also tried Transmission and got 'scrape error' on the unavailable trackers. Turning off my VPN changes nothing.

submitted by /u/theladygraymalkin
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