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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 08:18:42 MST from rss <>

Subject: Librarian's lament: Digital books are not fireproof | ZDNet

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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 08:09:28 MST from rss <>

Subject: (Web Development/Programming) Downloading from a Music Streaming Site (GET request decoding).

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hello I've been trying to find a way to download songs from a specific music streaming platform (which I'll call MSP from now on) because it seemed easy and fun, plus I wanted to listen to them on my phone which doesn't support the MSP. I've noticed that while playing a song in the chrome browser, precisely every x (didn't check) seconds MSP sends a get request to the same site and receives a direct file download link which I'm guessing is an x seconds long part of the song that's playing. but I think its either encoded or just in a weird format. either way I want to find the code snippet where the MSP processes the request response and gets sound out of it so I can do the same. but I don't know how to find it.

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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 08:57:12 MST from rss <>

Subject: How do I transfer my Risk of Rain 2 save files to my EGS account?

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Survivors of the Void is only a few hours away from release, and it's finally coming to the EGS! I want to transfer my save files from my pirated version of Risk of Rain 2, cracked by CODEX, to my EGS account and make it work.

I could use some help.

submitted by /u/doublewhatever
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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 09:02:12 MST from rss <>

Subject: Rate my future setup

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Hello everyone. In the near future I will be upgrading my home and I want to do it right. I have been researching and came up with the following diamgram. I would like to have some feedback from you guys on everything, hardware and software related.

At the moment I'm thinking about using a hp elitedesk 800 for the server, a Denon AVR-X2700H DAB and a BenQ projector W2700. I'm building a home theater with dolby Atmos, a 5.1.2 system. I'm going to hardwire as much as possible.

submitted by /u/Puzzleheaded-Many-79
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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 11:36:45 MST from rss <>

Subject: Can't seem to find minecraft bedrock for free with multiplayer

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Me and my friends want to play minecraft bedrock on our PC for free but we can't really get it to work( the game crashes every now and then) i think we used a mod to the make the trial version of the game into a full version. So does anyone got any tips on getting a free version of minecraft bedrock for free with multiplayer.

submitted by /u/No_Brief1515
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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 11:27:05 MST from rss <>

Subject: Might be old news, but you never know who needs to see this [Warning: Crypto miner hidden in fake Deathloop torrent]

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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 12:32:28 MST from rss <>

Subject: is dead

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for a long time served as a paywall bypasser for articles from any magazine, now its domain for reasons of googlhobohomo has been eliminated.

any other alternative?

submitted by /u/TheMan2600
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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 12:50:27 MST from rss <>

Subject: Has anyone tried TypeRip for Adobe fonts?

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I came across a GitHub page for a program called TypeRip which supposedly pulls fonts directly from Adobe fonts website. Does anyone have experience with it or think it seems safe? Won't be linking it here but it's easy to search

submitted by /u/delbertgrady1921
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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 13:22:21 MST from rss <>

Subject: Elden Ring Controller Input

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I've installed Elden Ring and everything works... expect the controller input.
I'm playing with a PS5 Controller and running the DS4 Software.
My setup works fine with every game besides Elden Ring.

I got my copy from the Fit-Girl RePack Website.

submitted by /u/RoxasTheBeast
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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 13:37:31 MST from rss <>

Subject: Can i refund android games after grabbing their APKs for installing later?

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Okay so there's a game that i really like and it's been out for a week now and there's no website that has it's apk so i was wondering if i can buy it and then grab its apk using an app(I don't really remember it's name but i used one before) and then refunding it afterwards. Will it work or should i just wait when it will be available on the internet for free?

submitted by /u/Bad_Fella
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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 13:15:24 MST from rss <>

Subject: Printing Pirated Ebooks

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I'm interested in reading some books but would like it on paper.

So I got the idea to print them in a print shop. Getting the PDF is easy, but the problem is the covers
it's easy to reach front/back, but I was not able to get the side

So does someone know where I can find it?

for getting the covers, I can use calibre Kindle hi-res covers extension or google it with large filter

submitted by /u/AbdoArabGamez
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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 14:06:13 MST from rss <>

Subject: Anyone know what CAPZLOK is? Release group, some private site etc.? I've found this file index and was wondering if it's possible to access it

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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 14:14:19 MST from rss <>

Subject: What will happen to Libgen now that Russia is being shutoff from the world?

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Libgen is one of my go to sites for books. Now that Russia is basically being shutoff from the world, and Namecheap is suspending all Russian domains effective March 6, what will happen to libgen? I could be mistaken, but I believe it lives in Russia. Correct me if I am wrong please. Thank you!

submitted by /u/cop1152
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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 15:54:44 MST from rss <>

Subject: ‘Russian’ Pirate Bay Proxy Asks Users to Donate to Ukraine’s Army

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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 16:02:09 MST from rss <>

Subject: OMG! I Just realized consequences of russia-ukraine war on piracy.

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Guys, as you all might know the war is still ongoing between Russia-ukraine. And majority of the piracy sites is from Russian domain like rutracker, rarbg and Whenever I tries to download any pirated study material most of the seeds are from Russia around 95-98% to be exact.

What do you guys think about this ?

submitted by /u/The-Comeback-Student
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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 15:25:42 MST from rss <>

Subject: One Piece Anime DVD Template | Cover | selfmade

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Hey folks,

I would like to create my own DVD Collection of the Anime One Piece. I want to burn DVDs put them in a case and print cover/templates on them. Like you see on the photo.

I dont know where I can get the designs from to print it. Searched through the internet and found nothing.

Do you have an idea what I can do?

submitted by /u/Jake_Meoff42
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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 16:27:01 MST from rss <>

Subject: best way to download from rapid gator or turbo bit?

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hi so i wanted to download a course from forcoder it looks interesting and i need to brush up on my python for computer science so i went to download it i was using a VPN of course but both sites return an error when i try to download something i get through all the captcha crap and timers but when i eventually get down to the actual link it always returns with an error. is this because of my VPN or are they just crap sites and i should keep trying?

submitted by /u/retardedboi1991
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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 16:48:28 MST from rss <>

Subject: Get_iPlayer alternative for Dave channel and Channel 4.

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I was wondering is there also a bit of software like get_iPlayer but then for the Dave channel and Channel 4.

There are some shows on the Dave channel I would like to watch, however it doesn't seem that I am able too.

Looking for a show which airs on Dave channel is a bit of a hassle, seeing as there is also a show called by the same name.

So that's why I thought I would ask it here hoping someone knows of something.

submitted by /u/SurprisedFrog
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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 16:44:58 MST from rss <>

Subject: Our Anime was already in one place!

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[#] Tue Mar 01 2022 16:44:02 MST from rss <>

Subject: Can't find a way to pirate this app anywhere!

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My reputation as a pirate is riding on this!!

People from my old job have asked me to get some app for them (I was known as "the guy who cracks everything"). I assured them I would have no trouble. I had no idea the app was barely known or used at all!

The app is called AATranslator

I have searched 1337x, tpb, rarbg, tl, ipt, red, orp, torlock, vsthouse, plugintorrent, and then I ran out of trackers. I found one dead torrent for an old keygen that probably doesn't work anymore, but it's dead anyway.

Google yielded the regular totally-not-a-virus websites. Can't get anything else.

I know we can't share anything here, but what other ways do I have of finding what I'm looking for?

submitted by /u/Modinstaller
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