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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 15:02:24 MST from rss <>

Subject: where can I find Xbox 360 Kinect games?

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I want to run in my PC through a simulator. Also, if someone know how to run it, please dm me

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 15:00:00 MST from rss <>

Subject: ZLibrary domains have been seized by US Postal Inspection Service

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 15:52:29 MST from rss <>

Subject: official EA DLC unlocker site

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 16:19:32 MST from rss <>

Subject: I love supplying to our brothers, sisters, and other siblings who do not have high speed internet. I got y'all fr fr.

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 16:49:32 MST from rss <>

Subject: Just wondering about x264 vs x265 HDR 10bit

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Image quality wise which would be "better" in general: x264 or x265 10bit HDR?

My TV is 4K HDR, and supports 10bit.

What I cannot wrap my mind around is that one movie in x264 is 5.29 GB with an avg. bitrate of 3675 kb/s, where the same movie in x265 10bit HDR is 2.54 GB and 1047 kb/s.

Or another example where one is 3.07 GB @ 2584 kb/s vs. 1.66 GB @ 1058 kb/s respectively.

I've been so used to higher bitrate meaning better quality, and I have a really hard time shaking this notion.

To me, file size isn't an issue, so I generally go for higher file size and higher bitrate, but I know that x265 is much improved in terms of compression.

I'm just a bit confused, I think.

Thanks! :)

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 16:57:26 MST from rss <>

Subject: Since Z-library is gone... here's 17 Free Alternatives

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 16:46:54 MST from rss <>

Subject: How to watch a movie bought via the microsoft store without microsoft's app ?

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I bought a movie via the microsoft store, and I don't to use their app to watch it.

I'm tired of having to use third party apps to watch movie I already bought. Is there a way to watch it on vlc like any regular movie from a dvd ?

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 18:16:01 MST from rss <>

Subject: anyone have judge judy on their plex?

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So many of them have been DCMAd or i can only grab in like 480p (newer ones, old ones obviously gonna be 480p). anyone willing to share with me? if u add me to ur plex i can grab them straight off of there. i can add u to mine u can grab what u want as well. i have a lot of vaporwave music in flac that i paid for as well thats some coolio.

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 18:14:33 MST from rss <>

Subject: Can someone give me the story of what happened to zlib?

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Title, i have been seeing that illiterate shitheads (ala tiktokers) destroyed zlibs because they just couldnt keep their mouths shut, but i dont know the full context, help?

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 18:11:57 MST from rss <>

Subject: Is it safe in Germany to download files >1GB using your premium Nitroflare account or K2S or MEGA or any sharesite? Would that also require VPN? Is it only torrenting that's actually risky?

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What about youtube to mp3 downloaders, chrome extensions for downloading videos on webpage, etc.

Also I like to have a diverse taste. Some things are rare/obscure so usually they're only really accessible through piracy. So is all of this stuff about heavy fines only actually for pirating recent movies or perhaps very famous classic movies owned by big studios.

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 18:34:34 MST from rss <>

Subject: Noob here, getting started

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I committed the digital sinful mistake of purchasing from iTunes, I read various posts about stripping the DRM. Wouldn't be easier to just torrent all the movies I've purchased? I would like to begin my quest as a pirate fro movies. I usually DDL iTunes songs from various sites but I would like to torrent safely and privately.

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 19:19:50 MST from rss <>

Subject: Windows 11 Keys

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Is there a way to find a free windows 11 key? I cracked parallels on my mac and would love to be able to customize the OS. Thank you!

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 19:51:01 MST from rss <>

Subject: finding nebula content

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can anyone point me where I should be looking cuz I've been looking everywhere.

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 20:51:38 MST from rss <>

Subject: Awhile ago I got Halo MCC off of fitgirl. Today I decided to scan my games drive and Halo MCC was flagged as Malware. I have other games from fitgirl but none of em were flagged as malware. Should I be worried?

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 21:34:37 MST from rss <>

Subject: We all pirate and love it, but why? A research paper.

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I am a bachelor's student and am performing a survey for a research paper and would like to have your help filling out a form.

The paper is on an analysis on why we still pirate when there are streaming sites around.
This paper is strictly academical and would love it if yall helped out. This sub is my perfect demographic to fill the form out.

Thanks in advance.

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 23:13:18 MST from rss <>

Subject: XFly getting shut down, need alternative streaming site, preferably invite only and premium no ads.

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I used Xfly for a long time, its invite only and pretty cheap, no ads, good quality, quick uploads. Now its getting shut down though and I need an alternative if anyone has one.

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 23:13:54 MST from rss <>

Subject: Weird Al "everywhere music is sold, streamed, or stolen"

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 23:34:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: But no, you just had to share it on Tiktok. You, and your pride and your ego. You just had to be a star, if you'd known your place, shut your mouth we'd all be fine right now.

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[#] Fri Nov 04 2022 23:44:57 MST from rss <>

Subject: UPDATED: The Ultimate Spotify Ad Blocking guide (Windows, Mac, Browser, Android, IOS, etc) (Mac users rejoice)

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If you are wondering what's new about this one compared to the last one, I just updated the iOS section and the Mac Section after the release of SpotX for Mac. If you don't have any of those two devices, you don't have to read any of this if you saw the old guide already. Anyways let's get started.

Since this information is scattered all over the place, I figured I would do you guys a favor and try to consolidate all the methods and guides and methods all into one place. With that out of the way, let's get started.

Before we get started would just like to say I didn't invent any of this and all credit goes to their respective authors I'm just trying to make a guide for the rest of us.


There's 2 methods to pick from. One is BlocktheSpot and there is the DLL injection method. Supposedly the DLL Injection method is better as it's supposed to be more resistant against auto updates and supposedly more stable. But I've only had experience with BlockTheSpot and I've been using it for a while with auto update disabled and I've been pleased with it. You can also use SpotX which is supposed to be based off of BlockTheSpot but has additional features such as update disabling. You can't go wrong with either just use whichever you prefer. Just follow the instructions linked below and you should be good to go.



DLL Injection Method:


There's also 2 ways on going about. You can run a script or you can install a pirated version of AdGuard for Desktop then add Spotify to the filtered app list and be good. Honestly, the AdGuard method used to be good but then became a bigger pain in the ass later after some MacOS updates and sometimes connectivity breaks for no reason so I would recommend against that one and use the script method. I made a guide detailing this and it's linked below. But for simplicity I'll just copy paste what I put there and put it here. This one is gonna be long as nobody had made a guide for Mac yet.

Option 1 (Best Option)

New script has been developed by the authors for SpotX but for mac now. It is linked here and just follow the instructions listed. All credit goes to their respective authors. Before, SpotX for Mac didn't exist so it was a giant pain in the ass to block Spotify ads but that now's it's here it's easier than ever.

Option 2


  1. Install AdGuard For Mac. Found on More specifically, here.
  2. Add “Spotify” into filtered applications in adguard preferences
  3. Done

Full Instructions

  1. Install AdGuard For Mac. Not the extension but the actual Mac App. It can be found on More specifically, here. My preferences I would use the link labeled mirrors and download off of Mediafire/Zippyshare (with Adblock on of course). Also make sure that Spotify for Mac is already installed. Not the browser version but the desktop version. The Spotify app should be in your applications folder before starting.
  2. Open the Adguard DMG, do the control click to open the gatekeeper friendly version and follow instructions, then drag it into applications and open AdGuard. Once you open it, just click through and pick what you want it doesn’t matter. What really matters is that you go to the top menu bar, click adguard (near your wifi/battery icons) , then settings, preferences, then click the network tab on the far right. Then press applications, the plus button at the bottom left, then add Spotify.
  3. Enjoy your ad-free Spotify.
  4. Unrelated stuff here you can ignore this. AdGuard I prefer go into filters, press the plus button at the bottom left, and enable all the other lists like easy list, mobile, most privacy & all annoyances ones. Has nothing to do with Spotify but optional if you want to block more stuff in the browser. Also worth noting that when waking from sleep, the ads will resume, just quit Spotify and reopen it and it should go away. This is an AdGuard issue and will be fixed at some point in the future. You can also follow some of the guides in the issue threads of the blockthespot and you could use it to remove some of the ad spacers and the upgrade button but honestly who cares it works. And updating Spotify is just going to bring it back anyways. Also make sure to have AdGuard extension installed as well it can be found in the extensions tab in the preferences for AdGuard.


Honestly you guys are probably smart enough to figure this one out so I’ll just link the GitHub link here. It’s also because I don’t have any Linux machines so I have no experience with this but many on here have said good things about it. Just follow the instructions on the GitHub and you should be fine.


This should be a last resort as the browser version isn’t as good as there isn’t any friend activity and I don’t find it as reliable but for those in this situation, just install Ublock Origin and you should be good to go. Safari users can try Adguard for Safari but I haven’t tested this.


You guys have it easy you can just use XManager and be set. Or at least when I used android that’s what I used. You just download the APK then install it and pick the latest app version and you are set. Try installing ARMV8 first and if it fails then do ARMV7 assuming it still asks for that in the app.


For Jailbroken users

Damn I guess iPhone users are really hosed as there isn’t really a good method to use unless you are jailbroken. I’ve tried many Pi-hole scripts and I was still screwed. But if you are jailbroken, just install the Spotilife tweak from julioverne and a app downgrade tweak and you should be good. Just add his repo and you should be good. I have it linked here. And the app downgraded I use is Appstore++ and I have that repo linked below. I personally use version 8.6.22 but later versions might work I just never tested it. I also use the lyrication tweak so I can have lyrics but that’s optional. Repo and the tweak is linked below.

For Non-Jailbroken users

If you really wanted to you could use AltStore and a cracked Spotify IPA and then use that to side load it onto your phone. But that has the disadvantages of needing to be resigned every 7 days. And I have a problem where my computer will randomly not detect my phone. But if you are really interested in that I will have the IPA and the Altstore link here. All you have to do is install AltStore to your phone and then download the cracked IPA onto your phone. Then install the cracked IPA inside of the AltStore app and you should be set for 7 days. I honestly don’t think it’s worth the hassle to reinstall it every 7 days but for those who really want it I have it linked here. I have no experience with this method or if the 7 day resigning is still a problem but for those interested I have it below. Maybe the auto resigning is reliable now but I’m not sure. Just follow the Altstore installation directions on their page and you should be fine. Again cracked spotify IPA's are below.

Also, before I used to use some random Spotify++ type apps from like tweakbox and whatever but I never really used it because it kept breaking and stopped being verified so I just gave up on it. It’s something worth noting but it’s something I don’t use but if somebody else has a better method or knows what the current way of doing it is they can link it below. Anybody with a better non jailbroken method feel free to leave it below.


And that’s about it really. Just something I wanted to share because I see so many guides scattered all over the place and just wanted to make it easier for beginners. Hope this helped, and enjoy your day. If you have a better method to share please do leave it below. Thanks for the read.

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[#] Sat Nov 05 2022 00:34:45 MST from rss <>

Subject: doesn't seem to be working

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If I go onto the Unblockit proxies, the RARBG doesn't work and hasn't worked for a few months now. Every time I click on it all I get is a page that says "This site can't provide a secure connection" with a subheading of "rarbg2021 sent an invalid response". Is this the case for other people? What's wrong with RARBG?

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