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[#] Thu Feb 18 2021 20:04:37 MST from ParanoidDelusions

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Already love him fucking up the Indian broad's name over and over. She is like, "Uh huh, sure, it is hard, you fucking typical white male!" 

"Is it Vidijya? Bitchya? I can't say your people's names..."


It's like 3 hours of Tim Pool smashing Jack's face in his own shit while Rogan mediates the fight.  It's glorious.


[#] Wed Mar 03 2021 13:34:41 MST from ParanoidDelusions

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Just saw Biden giving a speech about how "In Prison, the prisoner should be able to determine their sexual identity, and should have access to an OBGYN if they want." 

If we are leaving it up to the prisoners to identify their personal reality, and not the consensus of the REST of society... 

What happens when they start identifying as INNOCENT. 


[#] Wed Mar 03 2021 15:35:06 MST from nonservator

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Social Media Justice is like Cheater's Justice in Casino, only less fun.