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[#] Sat Dec 05 2020 17:39:32 MST from ParanoidDelusions

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So, because Macs are pieces of shit, when I bought the i5 Macbook Pro (I saw this as a write this on the replacement i7 Macbook Pro that is *notorious* for dying prematurely).. 

I bought a Square Trade warranty. I thought I'd get my money back or a replacement - but Walmart's scam is to issue you a gift card. Better than being ass out $400... but let's be honest - $400 to spend at Walmart is like giving Lebron $15 million to spend at Harrods. There just isn't a lot at Walmart that I don't already have, or that I want. 

So mostly I've been buying shit I don't really need, but kind of have a mild desire to have, to just try and get my money back. Shit I *might* buy otherwise, but would usually buy at Amazon. 

Which is probably Walmart's plan. And it kind of worked - because recently I wanted another 240 gb SSD for my second NUC, so it matches my production one, which this server runs on. 

Amazon could deliver it in 1 day, but it had gone up $2 since I last purchased it, and still didn't qualify for 1 day delivery without an additional $2.99 fee, as a Prime member. 

I was a little offended. You're charging me $4 more for the same deal, 7 days later? Wait a second. I've got a gift card I'm trying to burn up... Walmart sells SSD drives too, right? 

At Walmart, it was $34 with expedited delivery, and the delivery was Saturday. But... $30 of it was just a gift certificate. The math worked out that it would cost me MORE actual money at Amazon than to pay a little more and spend money I had already spent at Walmart. Hope that makes sense - but... $30 I've already spent is cheaper than spending $10 I haven't spent yet. 

So I went with Walmart. 

And today, I went to look for it, and it arrives Sunday. 

This is why WalMart is losing - more expensive, and they can't get it here on time, with a longer delivery window. 

This is capitalism. It is brutal. Still better than the alternative. 


[#] Sat Dec 05 2020 17:45:48 MST from ParanoidDelusions

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I also bought a laptop cooling mat, and a 4 port hub, and a curved Samsung monitor. Just shit that I wouldn't justify normally. 

I did buy things from Amazon, then realize I should have bought them from WalMart on the gift card. That was my worry - that I'd forget about the WalMart balance. It was an annoyance I wanted to get over with. That seems to be their strategy at this point - to get people on the hook and encourage them to buy from WalMart instead of Amazon. 

But here is the deal - when that happens, it has to be such a positive experience I think of WalMart *first* the next time. 

And that isn't happening. Every experience with WalMart makes me go, "This would be way easier and better dealing with Amazon." 

They're just reinforcing why I turn to Amazon *first* and *forget* to check them at all. 


[#] Mon Jan 18 2021 22:48:47 MST from ParanoidDelusions

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And sure enough, I recently bought a 249gb and 128gb  ssd and SD from Amazon. Didn't even consider WalMart.